Winston-Salem Vein Specialists Explain Why You’ll Be Glad You Sought Vein Disease Treatment

People who have had their vein disease treated by vein specialists often express how glad they are for having done so. Their reasons for feeling this happy about their decision are instructive, and worth sharing with our readers.

Why will you be glad about vein disease treatment in Winston-Salem?

Naturally, many patients who have sought treatment from a spider and varicose vein doctor in Winston-Salem feel glad about their decision for cosmetic reasons. They no longer feel the need to hide their swollen veins beneath long pants. They no longer avoid going to the beach. They speak of feeling “free,” and “back to normal.”

Interestingly, that phrase “back to normal” also applies to many of the other symptoms of vein disease that they now feel “free” from. The underlying disease that caused their varicose veins also robbed them of energy and their ability to fully enjoy their lives. Their poor circulation manifested as swollen legs and ankles, often accompanied with chronic pain, all of which left them without the energy to do much of anything but sit on the sofa and say, “I can’t do that…my legs hurt!” Once the vein disease is eliminated, so are these feelings. Patients speak of feeling “years younger,” because they have the energy and stamina of a younger person.

Another reason to feel glad – you’ll feel better about yourself

After treatment, when your discolored veins and lack of energy are gone on a physical level, you may find yourself feeling better on a psychological level as well. Varicose veins can take a toll on your feelings of self-confidence and well-being. Many people who “live with” them end up shunning friends and relatives and becoming reclusive, avoiding parties and gatherings at which they’d be expected to wear nice dresses or bathing suits that would reveal legs they’re ashamed of. One the best things about getting treatment is that these feelings of shame go away. As a result, your self-esteem returns, which not only makes you happy…it makes your friends happy, because they get to see you again.

If you think about it, the very act of overcoming your procrastination and getting treatment for a debilitating disease is an achievement. The alternative is “giving in to it,” and accepting that you’ll always have to live with it. So just scheduling an appointment for treatment can be a liberating experience.

Liberate yourself from your vein disease…call Novant Health Vein Specialists today

Give Winston-Salem’s varicose and spider vein experts a call at 336-276-0776 or go online at salemveins.comto set up an appointment for a consultation with our area’s leading vein doctors.  Allow them to explain to you the treatment options they offer, and how fast, painless, and easy they are. You’ll be so glad you did.



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