When Second Hand and Sustainable Virtually Collide: 5 Local Facebook Groups to Help Reduce Waste


In more recent years, it’s become much more simple to find ways to help Mother Earth by creating more eco-friendly practices and intentional, sustainable living choices. For some, while they know the benefits and their hearts may be in the right place, the added steps and lack of specific knowledge on how to get started can often be what holds them back. Just like any new goal or routine you’re trying to establish, one of the best ways to get started is to jump in and find a support system!

Whether you are just beginning to explore a sustainable lifestyle or challenging yourself to grow in your existing efforts, taking things virtually may be a big help! Throughout the Piedmont Triad area, you can find several online Facebook groups created for exactly this purpose! Each one offers a little something different but shares the same devotion to making an impact on our planet and its future through shared interests such as recycling, upcycling, second-hand finds, sustainability, and waste-free living.

Think About What You’re Looking For 

Are you looking for other beginners to help keep you accountable in your kickoff to living more intentionally and sustainable? Some Facebook groups may be perfect for just that and even have a weekly thread filled with resources and tips you’d find valuable. Maybe you are making a distinct effort to throw away fewer items and share them with those who could give them a second life? You’ll find lots of focus on freely giving items to other community members, with some groups having multiple posts per day giving away things to avoid them winding up in landfills.  

Find the Right Group for You

Explore some of the below Facebook groups throughout the Triad to see which ones spark your sustainable interest! Don’t be afraid to join several at once to see which fit your needs best and have the kinds of things you’re really looking for. Remember, if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, maybe inspiration will lead you to start your own!

Second-Hand/Sustainable Facebook Groups 

Waste Free Winston – 1,389 Members (Public Group)

“This is a group for Winston-Salem citizens who are on a journey to live a more zero waste lifestyle. A zero waste lifestyle aims to empower individuals to help the environment every day…Together we empower and encourage each other to make manageable changes each week to live more sustainably. We aim to tackle the climate crisis through positivity, empowerment, community, and daily actions making hardly any trash!” 

Buy Nothing Winston-Salem – 3,291 Members (Private Group)

“This is a place to post anything you’d like to give away, lend to, or share with neighbors as well as items you’re in search of. This is not a space for buying or selling, but a place to give goods and services freely. Save money, reduce waste, + get to know your community.” 

Towards Zero Waste Greensboro, NC – 51 Members (Private Group)

“This group is for those living in and around Greensboro, NC, interested in moving Toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle. It is a place to share ideas, local shopping tips, and zero waste issues, and begin to build a Zero Waste mindset and culture in Greensboro. Keep in mind we are all on our own journey and in different places along the way!” 

Ardmore Buy, Sell, Swap – 14,487 Members (Private Group)

“Finally, a group for anyone who lives in the Ardmore Neighborhood that has an interest in buying, selling, or trading items…All items listed for sale must be made available for local Ardmore pickup only.” 

Winston-Salem Free Stuff – 3,511 Members (Private Group) 

“The purpose of this group is to post anything that you no longer need for free. It can be clothes, shoes, furniture, household items, toys, etc. Please post pictures of what you have so that other members can see. If they like it and want it, y’all can make arrangements to meet.” 


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