Forsyth Woman:  The Next Generation

Once upon a time, an entrepreneurial woman dreamed of starting a magazine.  This woman worked hard, tirelessly investing hours into creating a magazine based on positive content and important information for the other women in her community.  While she didn’t have the benefit or convenience of a Fairy Godmother, or the help of woodland creatures, […]

Help! I don’t like my career anymore!

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN I have had MANY careers in my 37 years on earth. Not just jobs, careers. Enter freshman in college Jen. Broadcast news journalism! That’s what path I’m going into. I even had an internship that might have led to a job. But wait…I’m not loving this. Enter sophomore in college Jen […]

The View from this Side

The news is out: I’m retiring!  Well…sort of.  Actually, “stepping back” is probably a better way to put it, and my beautiful, intelligent, talented and accomplished daughter, Brooke Eagle, is “stepping forward” to take on my role.  You can read about the plans for our transition on pages 48-51.  Brooke, is more than capable of […]

Reuse a Kitchen, Save the Earth

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN Picture this: You walk into your kitchen. You’re so excited – you’ve finally chosen to do your dream kitchen remodel. New appliances, cabinets and fixtures – the works. Suddenly, you panic. This is going to be a lot of work – the exciting part, picking new everything. The less than exciting […]

Mind Your Water: The Safest Waters to Drink

BY BRITTANY M. ORIE LEAK That’s right! Just as most of us mind what we eat, it’s important to pay attention to what we drink, especially when it comes to the most important beverage to consume: WATER. Our bodies and brains are composed of more water than anything else. So not only should we make […]

Cravings During COVID-19? Delivery Drivers Are Here to Help.

BY AMY HILL Foodies and dining-out enthusiasts have avoided withdrawals over the last few months by having their favorite local restaurant meals delivered straight to their front doors. As a driver for a food delivery service, I have braved the outside world to deliver meals to customers throughout the COVID-19 lockdown and have lived to […]

The Importance of Vacation for your Soul

BY TABI FALCON Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where literally everything that you do, and everything that happens, stresses you out? That stress could very well be your body screaming at you that you need a vacation, stat. When you go on vacation, it’s like you get little anti-stress infusions […]

How to Talk to Your Friends About Anxiety

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN At last count, anxiety was shown to affect more than 40 million adults in the US – or 18.1% of the population – and let us be honest, probably more now. Even though it’s relatively common and treatable, it can be difficult to discuss. A few years ago, I reached out […]

Four Behaviors that Improve Collaboration

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON Collaboration is a coveted experience. Most of us say that we’re “good at it,” but our results often suggest otherwise. When that’s the case, we wonder what went wrong, especially since our heart was in the right place. While having good intentions is a great start, it’s not enough. Collaboration is […]

The Vacation Fuss

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON I know, I know. Like chicken soup and a great night’s sleep, a vacation is good for you. Researchers tell us that a reprieve from the norm lowers our stress and our risk of heart disease while renewing our energy to achieve our goals. As an outlier, I have a confession […]

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