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I am always surprised when January rolls around. The year has flown by, right? I remember when I was a little girl, my mom always told me time would speed up when I got older. As she has proven many, many times over the years – Mom was right. But, this January is significant. It was a year ago this month that my husband, Tim – the love of my life – had a stroke. While this certainly was the most terrifying experience of my life – watching my husband fight for his life – I’m so grateful and blessed. The experience has left us far more joyful and willing to embrace life because every moment is precious.

Tim continues to do physical therapy twice a week. He amazes me. He has worked SO hard to recover and continues to push forward every single day! One step at a time! Plus, while Tim was already very health-conscious before the stroke, we both made decisions to make better choices, including our drinking. We’ve both given up alcohol and feel great!

All I can say is embrace your loved ones! We were so fortunate that God gave us more time together.

Also, this month – January is a little like “Birthday Month” for our family. We have my husband’s birthday and my son, Tanner’s, both of my brothers were born in January and, of course – my mom! While all of these people own a piece of my heart, my mom is the foundation of us all! She’s the reason we’re here! Never mind that at 80 years old, my mother can still run circles around all of us; she’s also the sweetest, most caring, loving and beautiful woman! I’m so thankful that I get to call her “Mom!” Please take a moment to read the beautiful tribute to Mom that my younger brother, Brent, wrote. It can be found on page 22.

You can also enjoy a highlight from my step-dad’s new book! “The Schuler Saga” by Charlie Schuler! This book is a family gift to the family of Charlie and Marianne Schuler, but it’s also for anyone who “loves adventures, loves sailing and loves God!”

Important news! Coming soon is our annual edition of Forsyth Community! We can’t wait to share this new magazine with you, so please look for it at the end of the month! Hours have been invested in making this multi-functional magazine come to life! It’s a celebration of life, work and play in the Lewisville and Clemmons communities! This magazine is used for a residential guide, visitor’s guide and relocation guide! We love bringing this to readers across the area and state!

As always, it’s such a privilege to be a part of your life. Thank you for picking up the magazine and reading! We have now done this 173 times – can you believe it? And, that’s JUST Forsyth Woman! It never gets old! Thank you for reading! Please let our advertisers know you saw them in this month’s issue!


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