The Magic of Snow

Snow during the winter brings either joy or dread. For me, I am on the joy side. Whenever the forecast predicts snow, there is a feeling of lightness and magic in the air as people rush to the store for last-minute essentials, roads are salted, and the anticipation of snow days begins. Then, as the first snowflake falls from the sky, a calmness sets in and once again, we see the beauty around us. The magic of the first snowfall of winter or the first flake for every snow can only be felt a few times each year.

Now, you may be wondering why some people can get excited when cold rain falls from the sky. In an article featured on BBC News, they state, “Snow is something special, something we get sentimental about, something fascinating.” Snow can connect people to the feeling of the holidays. After all, we do sing about “Dashing through the snow,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “Since there’s no place to go…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” In addition, we see Christmas cards with snowy scenes, wrapping paper with snowflakes, and for some, an ideal Christmas is a white Christmas. When the white flakes fall from the sky, people remember the holiday spirit and experience similar feelings of that season. Also, researchers say snow can remind people of their youth, the memories of snow days, sledding, and building snowmen, and the smells of snow. I still remember the nights and mornings watching the news or waiting for the school to call with the news for the day. These days were exciting, because they only happened a handful of times each year and were special. Psychologist Dr. Sandy Mann relates this feeling to a person’s emotional memory in the article Why Do We Get So Excited About Snow? “Our memories are emotions – so that when we remember events, we also remember the emotions associated with them. Many of us have happy childhood memories of playing in the snow, so when we see those fat, fluffy flakes twirling from the sky, these memories kick in, and we feel happy.”

In addition, Dr. Mann states that snow gives people a break in their normal routine. The winter weather causes travel issues and cancellations. It allows many to stop and see the world in a different way.  Aren’t we all looking for a change in our lives at times, a change that we know isn’t permanent, but “forces” us to stop and relax? Snow provides just that. When roads are closed and we are stuck in our homes, there isn’t anything else to do, but enjoy the present.

Along with a pause in your daily life and connection to childhood memories, snow has a romantic sense. It is the extra effect added in movies, books, television shows, and reality to create a more romantic atmosphere between people. Take away the romantic aspect; once the world turns into a winter wonderland, a person can go on walks and hikes and discover new beauties of familiar landscapes. Don’t forget about skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding.

For those who don’t like to venture outside when it snows, the extra time indoors is great to catch up on a good book, cook something new, or have a movie marathon of your favorites.

Seeing snow when it starts falling or for the first time that year brings excitement and joy to many people. It reminds them of past times, to stop and enjoy the break in their busy lives, and to always look at the beauty around them. One of my favorite things to do is look out at the snow-covered ground at night, when all the lights are out. There is a sense of peace and ease in the world, a sense that all is right, and that is the magic of the snow.


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