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Dear Readers,

It’s my birthday month! July is always a fun time, with birthday celebrations for me and my dear friend/business partner, Robin Bralley! We spend time with family, and that almost always involves the boat and the lake… so I’ll be celebrating birthday # 61 on the water, with lots of fun and laughter! Also one of my favorite people in this world turns 40 on July 9th – check out her celebration on page 92!

I hope this month is a wonderful month of celebration for you and your family, birthday or not… We celebrate our nation’s independence with the Fourth of July, but it may be hard to celebrate this year. We can collectively agree that this has not been an easy year so far, and it makes writing something positive for The View very challenging. I want to stay positive, but our world is full of hatred, negativity, racial tension, and all kinds of things designed to separate us rather than unite us.

Please know that each one of you is important to us. I care about our readers – who you are as people, no matter what your background is, no matter what your skin color is, no matter what your religion is.  Each of you is important and a valued member of this community and I thank you for reading Forsyth Magazines.  As we continue to navigate uncertainties and continue to ask questions, mutual respect, and sensitivity remain priorities. If you are a frequent reader, you already know that our magazines focus on the positive. We are committed to celebrating all that is good in and around Forsyth County. No matter the circumstances.

I send a special thank you to our advertising partners who continue to hang in there with us and an extra-special thank you to our cover story partner, Lyndhurst, who has been a long-standing advertising supporter of Forsyth Woman for years. What an amazing organization! It’s a privilege to have these dynamic team members representing Lyndhurst on our cover – they offer such invaluable care to the women of Forsyth County.

Supporting local business is more important than ever, and we hope you’ll read Rosey’s Review this month. As you will see, Rosey has had a bit of a departure from her normal column. There is important information in there about supporting small and local businesses.

We are looking forward to being back together with you for Girls’ Night ALL DAY Out! It hasn’t been the same without you and we’ve missed you! Please be sure to join us at Midtown Cafe and Dessertery on Thursday, July 23rd. See page 25 for all the details!

We look forward to reconnecting, even if we have to greet each other with jazz hands or foot taps instead of actual hugs! So, until then, we wish you well and hope you enjoy this issue!

See you soon,




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