Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates: Nurturing like never before!

BY MARTIE EMORY While we’ve all been facing the challenges of COVID-19 together, in ways we never imagined, everyone’s journey is different. Having served three generations of women in the Winston-Salem area since opening its doors in 1970, Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates has taken on an even larger nurturing role during the recent pandemic, offering peace […]


BY DR. DEBBIE LANIER I can easily pinpoint memories where hope straight-up disappeared, can you? Can you recall any inconsolable seasons in your living, when you stood at a precipice with every path burned behind you and no landing whatsoever before you? If you’re drawing a blank, well . . . bless your heart. Turn […]

A Garden Legacy

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON When Dean and I moved to North Carolina late in 2017, we bought a house sight unseen. Well, not exactly, 100% unseen, as the real estate listing was up on one of the computers from the moment we went online in the morning until we shut down at night.  We looked […]

Writers Who Read: North Carolina Authors

BY MEGAN TAYLOR North Carolina is home to many famous artists, musicians, athletes, and actors. Andy Griffith, Julianne Moore, Luke Combs, Doc Watson, and Michael Jordan are a few of the numerous people who were born and/or lived in the Tarheel State. Another claim to fame our home state has are the many authors who […]

Got Slaw? Traditional Southern Coleslaw + Other Takes and Twists

BY SUSAN SCHABACKER What’s the perfect side dish for Southern BBQ that works well atop hot dogs and chili? Slaw, sweetie. Can’t go wrong in the nutrition department with raw cabbage, carrots and onions. It’s crunchy and creamy. And it just wouldn’t be a real southern meal without some traditional southern slaw as a side […]

When I Look Back on This Time

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON We didn’t ask for this, COVID-19, the pandemic. It arrived unexpected and unwelcomed. Yet we find ourselves here, in the midst of it. And the question arises as it always does, in every moment, every passage, every transition, every change: “How will you handle this?” As for me, I am answering […]

Feather Your Nest

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON When you look at this photo, what do you see? I see a nest built by a determined pair of house finches, a fanciful home built with grace from “local material.” Look closely and you will discern a fine bed layered in fresh sage and walls intricately woven of flowering thyme […]

When Anxiety Doesn’t Seem Like Anxiety

BY MEGAN TAYLOR According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States and are the most common mental illnesses. These disorders can prevent a person from living their normal life due to a continual feeling of worry, fear, nervousness, and being overwhelmed. Well-known anxiety […]

Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

BY SARA WILES This retro-classic is a constant on our dinner rotation. If I’m being honest, the fact that this recipe is easy, quick and often a request from my husband makes it a staple in our household. I typically serve alongside steamed broccoli and call it a day. Gently dredged in breadcrumbs, this version […]

Your Guide to Booking Your First Airbnb

BY TARYN JEREZ Since its surge in popularity in 2010, Airbnb has made the world of traveling for pleasure much more accessible and affordable for the average household. Regardless of your wants and needs, Airbnb allows you to find lodging that meets a variety of budgets, styles, and preferences around the world in a variety of […]

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