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WHEN we experience a change in vision, we seek an eye care provider’s service.  Oftentimes, the examinations indicate a need for eyeglasses to correct near or distance vision. As we become a little older (mid to late 40s), our reading capability can be troublesome, requiring reading glasses. These are the reasons for some of the most common visits to an eye care provider. However, there are so many more reasons to seek eye care from a qualified provider.

Cataracts – Cataract surgery can now be performed utilizing Femtosecond laser, which makes the process more accurate and precise. The TriFocal lens implants now give patients the opportunity to be glasses-free.

Clear Lens Replacement – Options now include having Clear Lens Replacement surgery, which is performed like cataract surgery but sooner. This can be a choice over LASIK, which would also eliminate the need for cataract surgery in the future.

Diabetic patients need monitoring to assist in preventing loss of vision altogether. Oftentimes, a laser or an injection is utilized to “seal” blood vessels that are leaking in the back of the eye, which can cause a loss of vision.

Glaucoma treatments have come a long way. A laser procedure called Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty can help to lower pressures to prevent vision loss, and possibly prevent the need for an additional medical eye drop.

Floaters – In the past, a “floater” which can appear as a string or black spot floating around in a person’s vision was to be tolerated. A Laser Floater Therapy (LFT) is now available to “evaporate” those irritating, vision decreasing anomalies.

Crusty Eyelids – Baby shampoo and a washcloth were recommended in the past for scrubbing the eyelids. This worked to some degree; however, a 10-minute process called Bleph-Ex can be performed in the office to rid the eyelids of the bacteria, which forms the crusty lids. The eyelid surface can be cleaned and kept bacteria-free with the use of recommended products.

Dry Eyes are a constant, growing problem with all generations. We are addicted to the electronic devices such as our phones, iPads, Kindles, television, etc. Our blinking ability is affected, causing damage to the glands that produce oils to lubricate the cornea. Treatments for dry eye, including LipiFlow (helps unclog the glands to allow the oils to flow more freely), improved eye lubricants, and gland probing, are now available.

Rosacea – Patients with rosacea, redness around cheeks, forehead, and chin, typically have ocular rosacea as well. There are several treatments available, including a therapy called Intense Pulsed Light, which is utilized to reduce and eliminate the redness.

These are only a few of the ailments which affect our vision and our lifestyle. Summit Eye Care is very thankful for the opportunity to be able to once again provide eye care for all people that require it, and for any of the ocular problems listed, as well as many more.

For a period of time, we, like most all other general and specialty medical practices, were providing care for emergent or needed medical follow-up care. With added safety measures, patients are now being seen for all medical needs. Our office is practicing safe distancing and wearing of masks. The process of cleaning after each patient and staff handwashing will continue, as this was our practice before the pandemic.

COVID-19 has been and still remains a terrible situation throughout our country, as well as internationally. As with all trials and tribulations, it has been a learning experience. It has reminded us to be humbler, to embrace our loved ones a little tighter, and to appreciate each moment of life as we now know it.

Summit Eye Care is available to assist patients in our Winston-Salem office and also at Summit Eye Care of Mocksville. SEC-WS 336-765-0960 SEC-Mocksville 336-751-5734


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