The Sweet Spot: Baker’s Eight: Local Favorite Louie and Honey’s Kitchen

If you’ve taken a drive or stroll down West End Boulevard on a Saturday morning, you’ve likely seen a full parking lot and a line of customers out the door at one of Winston-Salem’s most beloved bakeries. Formerly known as Lavender and Honey Kitchen, the high-quality coffee beverages and beautiful baked goods at Louie and Honey’s Kitchen explain why it’s so hard to find a seat inside or outside the shop on a busy Saturday.

On Christmas Eve of 2021, Louie and Honey’s mother-daughter duo Natalie and Naomi Gingerich received word that a company on the west coast had trademarked the name Lavender and Honey, meaning the pair would have to come up with a new name for the iconic local favorite. Without diverting too far from their origins, Naomi and Natalie decided the name Louie and Honey’s Kitchen was well-suited for the shop, as it represents Natalie’s son Louis, along with Naomi’s grandchildren nicknaming Naomi “Honey Ma.” Although lavender won’t be making a debut in the shop’s signage or new logo, customers need not fret, as the shop’s famous lavender and honey latte is here to stay.



With residents returning to the office as America readjusts to life outside of the COVID-19 pandemic, busy employees and commuters will relish in Louie and Honey’s Kitchen now being open on Mondays. The pain of heading into the office at the start of the workweek can be numbed by one of Louie and Honey’s social media-famous Amish cinnamon rolls topped with a brown sugar icing. In fact, the Kitchen’s enormous Amish cinnamon rolls are a customer favorite that helped propel Louie and Honey’s in popularity among locals and out-of-town visitors. 

Although Louie and Honey’s Kitchen has only continued growing in popularity since the shop opened, much of Naomi and Natalie’s loyal clientele was established when their business first started in 2017. Together, the pair participated in over 500 pop-up shops within the last five years. Surprisingly, long lines began forming out the door on the first day the shop opened its doors. Because customers love the cakes, lattes, and all that Louie and Honey’s Kitchen has to offer, the lines show no signs of shortening anytime soon – no pun intended.



Summer has actually proven itself to be a slower season for the staff at Louie and Honey’s Kitchen, as many college students are out of town and locals frequently leave for vacation. If you haven’t been able to make it out to Louie and Honey’s Kitchen yet, the summer months make for a great introduction to the delicious products in-store without having to fight dense cold weather crowds in search of a warm latte and cinnamon roll. Since the shop offers indoor and outdoor seating, bring your laptop to work inside or sit outside and sip a coffee while taking your dog for a weekend walk.

Each month, Louie and Honey’s Kitchen features a new latte on the menu. In June, the shop’s coffee manager Jake concocted the popular Ameri-cola Latte, an iced beverage inspired by the old Coca Cola soda fountain drink. Keep your eyes peeled for berry-infused pies throughout the summer months, with blueberries, blackberries, and peaches being in season. Those craving fall flavors won’t have to wait too much longer for autumn classics, as Louie and Honey’s Kitchen will be bringing back pumpkin lattes as early as September.

Want to order a cake, pie, or batch of Amish cinnamon rolls ahead of time? Customers can utilize Louie and Honey’s online ordering system to place prepaid orders for pick-up in-store. All seasonal pies and specialties will be updated on the website to ensure online customers don’t miss out on in-store surprises. Users can also select the specific date and time of their pick-up during the online ordering process to help cut down on phone calls at the bakery that keep staff away from whipping up customer favorites. To place an order for in-store pick-up, visit

Naomi and Natalie are always surprised by the number of new faces they see every morning, along with seeing their loyal regulars daily. Louie and Honey’s Kitchen is located at 401 W. End Blvd and is open Mondays through Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Check out the shop’s Facebook page and follow @louieandhoneyskitchen on Instagram to learn more.


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