ReDESIGNS by Ava: Address the Monster in the Room

Once upon a time TVs lived in an attractive piece of furniture (cabinet) on the floor of the castle and viewers had to look slightly down to enjoy the picture on the screen. Fast forward several decades and the trend is to place large TVs in the living area of the castle. These monsters are sometimes mounted above the fireplace mantle or placed in a niche above the mantle. Great idea? Well… I beg to differ. It is not necessarily a good idea because more times than not the TV is too high and a person can be uncomfortable viewing it for a long period of time. Not to mention that these large flat-screen TVs, like a monster, can overpower the room whether above the fireplace or mounted on a wall above a large console.

Have I ever suggested a TV be mounted above a fireplace? Yes… Do I like it? No… But there are times when that’s the only solution that works in the room. As noted above, the reason I don’t like it is the TV is usually mounted too high for comfort and can overpower the room. What I do like about it, however, is that the two focal points in the room are combined: the fireplace (the architectural focal point) and the TV (the ‘real life’ focal point). Having these two combined to form one makes it easier to place the furniture.

Unless you are among the small percentage of people that live without a TV in their castle, the monster in the room can be a challenge to decorate around. I found some great ideas on the Internet that will help you hide the monster in your castle: The TV looks like a framed mirror but when you turn the TV on, the mirror becomes clear as the light from the TV emits through the glass. Other options? Check out these sites:

10 Ideas on How to Decorate a TV Wall

How to Decorate With A Huge TV?

You CAN disguise that monster in the room of your castle…..and even tame it to be an attractive part of your décor.


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