Megan Smith Photography Makes Fleeting Moments Last Forever

Planning a wedding for 2023 and searching for a fabulous photographer to capture your big day? Is your family growing by the year and you don’t want to miss a single moment of your children and grandchildren’s lives? As a mother of two small children herself, Megan Smith understands the importance of making precious milestones and memories live on. Now accepting wedding bookings for 2023 and family photo sessions year-round, Megan Smith Photography creates beautiful wedding and family photos, and more importantly, stress-free sessions for her clients.


Megan’s transition from stay-at-home mom to full-time photographer started after she attended a Halloween party in 2021 with her friend, who was thinking about taking up photography at the time. Inspired by her friend’s ambitions, Megan left the party and immediately told her husband that photography had piqued her interest. In search of a new passion to add to her full life of marriage and motherhood, Megan decided to devote all of her extra energy into perfecting her newfound craft.

Amongst her friends and family, Megan was always known as the girl who “took too many pictures.” Had it not been for Megan’s affinity for taking photos in the past, many important family moments would have never been captured. In fact, she was the one of the only ones in her family who had taken recent photos of her late grandfather and aunt. With her Canon Rebel camera, Megan was adamant about capturing the moment – a concept she has always believed in and which has now proven beneficial. 

To jumpstart her training and gain more knowledge of photography before diving in head-first, Megan scheduled a photography mentoring session with her close friend and local photographer Jordan Vines. Her career began with Christmas sessions that later developed into wedding photography – a path that she never intended to walk down. After an opportunity fell into her lap to photograph a wedding, she quickly learned the tricks of the trade and now specializes in photographing all things family-related. Although Megan is currently in the process of undergoing extra training and practice when it comes to capturing newborn moments, which can be a bit tricky, she considers family photoshoots to be her forte.

 When booking a photo session with Megan, you can expect her to schedule a vision call with you to further understand your ideas, desires, and goals for the shoot. This is an opportunity to brainstorm locations and acquire more inspiration ahead of time. If you’re not sure about the perfect location for your photography session, Megan has scouted various locations with excellent scenery including mountains, meadows, and flowers in order to take as much pressure off of her clients as possible. According to Megan, “When clients don’t feel pressured to scout their own locations, it makes the process more enjoyable. I want to take that burden away from them.”



In addition to her initial mentoring session with Jordan, which planted a seed of knowledge in her photography career, Megan was also ecstatic to be able to attend a five-day photography and marketing workshop in Kona, Hawaii, in January. While her initial training focused more on the technique of capturing amazing photos, this workshop gave her the inside scoop on all things business-related. Without this training, she would have not known where to start when it came to finances, branding, and creating her new website (

Megan is grateful that her new passion and career path has given her something to pour herself into, outside of being a wife and mom. Since she has been used to working since the age of 15, not working felt foreign to her, even if she rarely had time to herself. In the midst of having somewhat of an identity crisis, she believes photography is what God put her on the earth to do – it only took her 31 years to discover it.
Interested in booking a wedding, engagement, or family photoshoot with Megan Smith Photography? View Megan’s portfolio, learn more about Megan’s background, and submit an inquiry at Check out her work on Facebook and follow her Instagram page at to learn more.


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