Hustle & Heart: How to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market

When we pause and look at all of the different businesses there are in the world it can quickly feel like there isn’t enough room on the shelf for everyone. Surely, we don’t need yet another pest control company or coffee shop? Is that really another bookstore going in? The truth is, there’s a reason we see so many similar businesses not only existing but thriving simultaneously.

Think about your own business and brand.

You may not be recreating the wheel, but there’s a reason you pursued what you’re doing. Even if we don’t know each other, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that partly it was because you felt called to it.

Often, that calling is what fuels the fire and ignites unique customer loyalty for a

business, helping it stand out even in an oversaturated market.

If you ever experience the feeling of your competition’s walls closing in, wondering how you’ll succeed, remind yourself that you have the power to stand out with these three unique elements in your business: effort, experience, and energy.

#1 Effort

I could list twenty metaphors starting with “the early bird gets the worm,” and you would very quickly see that the common belief that the effort you put in is almost always equal to the results you see on the other side. In business, it can be easy to get busy doing a million things but taking time to pause and make sure you’re busy doing the right things can make all the difference. Don’t worry about how many other businesses are selling something similar, instead concentrate on making yours the best it can be. Put in the effort to learn new things and improve existing processes and offers while striving to have a business that makes you proud. Place your time and energy towards the things that are really moving you forward and making an impact on your bottom line. 

#2 Experience

If you’ve ever been through a Chik-fil-a drive-thru, you can’t argue that the customer experience is like no other fast food restaurant. Can you buy a chicken sandwich from somewhere else or a soft-serve ice cream cone? Of course, but would the experience be the same? The experience your customers have when working with your small business is one of the most important things that will help you stand out, regardless of how saturated your market is. How does your customer feel when they walk into your store? How do you manage clients from start to finish once they are under contract? Taking time to create a flawless and intentional experience for all who interact with your brand will make a lasting impression, build brand recognition, and increase customer loyalty like nothing else.

#3 Energy 

Somehow, a cheerful barista makes the caffeine in your coffee order work twice as hard. Energy is contagious – both positive and negative energy, unfortunately. The ideal audience that your business exists to serve will absolutely react to the energy you put out into what you do. There could be five different photographers in town with similar pricing and aesthetics, but I guarantee the energy that the photographer puts into their work is why a client books them instead of another. You are in control of how you talk with customers (both existing and potential), show up on social media, write emails, engage with the community around you, and more. If you want your business to really stand out, remember that the energy you put into it will speak volumes and attract business in a way that nobody else can match.

Hustle & Heart Challenge: What makes you stand out as a brand? This month, create a list of your best attributes when it comes to your business. Think about the effort, experience, and energy categories and challenge yourself to intentionally improve each one by doing something small in the next few weeks. Remember, you are the reason your business stands out. Nobody can compete with that!



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