Redesigns by Ava: A-Tisket A-Tasket……what fun to decorate with baskets!


“Whatever basket or baskets you have…. use them in the most creative ways you can think of.  They will make you smile…. tidy up your house…. look fabulous and all those great things.” ~ Andrea/The Cottage Market Blog

Baskets are so versatile and can serve many purposes in your home, from decorative to useful, to helping add texture or even giving a home’s décor more interest.  I remember hanging baskets on the wall in our kitchen when we lived in Sumter, SC, many years ago.  Not that decorating with baskets has ever gone completely out of style but it seems I am seeing more and more baskets being used in home décor these days.  From beautiful woven baskets hung in a grouping as art, used as a container to hide the original plastic pot of a green plant, repurposed as a lamp shade, placed as an accessory on a tabletop, or used to provide attractive storage to organize everything from towels to toys (children’s and pets’).

In my own home I have baskets in most every room, and most all of them perform a function and look great doing so. Two large baskets with lids hold my music books by the piano, several baskets organize food in the kitchen pantry, in the great room a tall round basket holds throws needed for cool nights, a basket holds magazines in the den, a couple of decorative ones hold green plants on the sun porch, a large tray is used to corral items on the kitchen island….another basket tray is used in the sunroom on an ottoman to keep accessories and  a green plant in order, several baskets hold items from fabric to threads in my sewing room, and just recently summer décor was added to the front door by hanging a basket of hydrangeas….. I love baskets!

Baskets can be used in any season by just changing out the contents.  A trend now is the ‘tobacco’ basket that can be used on a surface or hung on a wall.  You can hang a seasonal wreath inside it or place it on a flat surface and accessorize with seasonal items – I call this a ‘chameleon accessory’ that can change with the season.

Baskets are not only made of different reeds but also metal, wood, ceramic, fabric, and plastic making them easy to use and easy to fit into any décor. There are endless possibilities for their use.  If using them for storage, don’t just throw items in the basket but take time to organize the items.

I hope your creative wheels are turning and you are now inspired to add more baskets to your home.  If you choose the right basket, it can solve about any storage or decorative need and look great doing it! Have fun!

Thank you for reading my article each month.  It is a joy to help you with decorating decisions for your home. Need help?  Give ReDESIGNS by Ava a call.


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