The Way we Like to Shop – What your Shopping Style says about your Personality!

What do your shopping habits say about you?  Do you love shopping or not so much?  Do you shop just to look around or do you go in only for what you need and leave? 

Shopping can be a different experience for different people.  For some it’s “retail therapy.” These shoppers can go from store to store for hours to find the perfect thing they need.  Others prefer to shop from the comfort of their sofa or snuggled up in their bed where the online world of shopping is a shopaholic’s nirvana. The way a person shops can reveal things about their personality.  Let’s take a look at six categories of shopping styles and see if you identify with any of them. 

The thrifty shopper: 

You’re forever in search of the best bargain. Promotions, sales, and a good deal are what you’re about and you get a dopamine boost when you find the very thing you need at a discount price. This often means that you are a creative thinker, persuasive, and good at negotiations. This type of shopper is also one who is not easily conned or misled. 

The premium shopper:  

You like to follow trends and you have an affinity for brand names and great quality. You don’t mind paying more to get the best and it’s reflected in the looks you put together. This attitude is probably true in most areas of your life as you most likely have the finest sheets, the very best food in your cupboards and drive the best car you can afford. All this suggests that image is important to you, as well as how people perceive you. You tend to invest a lot of time and energy into building the kind of life you have always dreamed of. The question is, does that life bring you contentment? 

The online shopper:  

You wouldn’t waste your time going to actual stores. Why would you when everything you need is just a click away on your computer or iPad?  It’s quicker, easier, and way more convenient to shop online and the selection is endless. These shoppers tend to be technologically savvy and know what they want. They can be impatient and are used to instant gratification.  The danger with this type of shopping is that it’s easier to overspend.  It takes quite a bit of self-control to be an online shopper and stick to a budget. 

The methodical shopper: 

You have a plan when you shop and tend to follow a process when you arrive at the store to find exactly what you need at the right price. You’re not opposed to shopping around to ensure you get the highest quality item at the best price. People with this type of shopping habits are usually very meticulous, patient, and great at long-term planning. They are able to set a goal and work towards it until they have achieved it. They also make sensible, reliable partners, loyal friends, and good employees. 

The impatient shopper: 

To you the process of shopping is a real chore. You have better things to do, you’re in a hurry, so you head to the store only when you really need something. You don’t shop around or mess with any bargain hunting. You choose the first item that more or less meets your requirements. If this shopping style describes you, you are a person who cuts through the crap to get things done.  You are the first to take action in a situation when others aren’t sure what to do.  You are most likely quite down-to-earth and practical. 

The loyal shopper:  

You know your favorite places to shop and keep going to them time after time.  You’ve got loyalty cards from all the stores you frequent and calculate your shopping so you can maximize your rewards points.  This type of shopper is obviously loyal! They also tend to be organized and able to map out a clear path for themselves in life. They are trustworthy and stick to the plan.  They are also good at analyzing situations and deciding on the best course of action whether it is in their careers, relationships or in their leisure time. 


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