For the most part, I’m a doer. I spend my days getting things done. One of the most exhilarating highs of my day is checking off my to-do list. (Some of you get this. Some of you loathe this!)

While some people talk stuff to death, the world needs somebodies that actually “get ‘er done!” If you’re ready to move that mountain and need help shoveling, I’m your girl!

On the other hand, my husband is a dreamer. He takes the time to imagine what could be. He sees a thing long before others can fathom it. While I’m running my legs off, he’s sitting still and contemplating.

I’m honest enough to tell you that we drive each other nuts sometimes. NUTS! The Martha in me is wondering when he’s going to get up and help; the Mary in him is wondering when I’m going to get still. (You’ve got to read Luke 10:41 to get that correlation, but the struggle is real, y’all!) The truth is, while I tend to run hard, my husband is often conversing with God and getting ideas only He could give.

Relentless love and 38 years of doing life together has softened us both. Eventually we discovered that our differences actually work FOR us, not against us.

Why does this crazy ensemble work? The Dreamer and Doer in our house never remain isolated in our corners. Sure, we gravitate toward our natural inclinations. But we both color outside those lines.

I do converse with God daily. I get ideas only Heaven can download. My husband, he does get things done. (You cannot serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the world’s largest Jewish philanthropic organization without getting things done. You cannot plant a church that now reaches the nations without both heart AND hustle!)

While we both know our own strengths and dig deeper where God planted us, we also know that Heaven gave us each other to complement the other. By ourselves, we miss so much. But together, we are mighty.

My husband dreams a thing in God, and I do my best to put legs to it and get it running strong. Simultaneously, we challenge each other to improve our weak spots.

(If you’re single, true friends will similarly press you where it hurts. You need them!)

As we continue to find our bearings in this New Year, let each of us be determined to sharpen the strengths God has so generously deposited into each of us. Yet let us never stop there. Let’s be determined to stretch beyond our comfort and strengthen those less-formidable areas in ourselves.

Are you a Dreamer or a Doer? Whichever it is, do more of it! But don’t be afraid to change gears, too. You’ll get an entirely different view of life and of yourself. You’ll see that it’s true…God gives us everything we need to stretch beyond those comfortable places where we’ve settled.

In this New Year, what are you doing that will empower you to run your best race, live your best life? Dreamers…DO a little more. Doers…DREAM a little more. We’re going to love the results!


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