Love Notes – How to Create a Meaningful, Beautiful Love Note for Anyone You Love

It is always a good time to express your feelings to those you love. In fact, the theory goes…the more love we put out into the world, the more will come back to us. And in the month of February, you have a special opportunity as St. Valentine’s Day approaches, to show through the written word just how much those in your life mean to you.

Writing a love note gives you the chance to think through your thoughts and find just the right words to convey your admiration and appreciation for your intended recipient. You can choose the tone of the letter and the content based on how it will best be received and know that the words you write will come straight from your heart.

A handwritten note is particularly special and intimate since the practice of handwritten notes is not as customary as it once was. It’s something the reader can return to again and again to remember how special your words made them feel. You can decide whether your note will be delivered in person or by mail.

You ultimately decide how your note will be written, but here are some ideas for making your message of love as meaningful and memorable as it can be…

Tell the person you’re writing exactly why you’re taking the time to write to them

A love note or note of admiration is a unique type of correspondence, and you need to make sure the object of your affection understands the reason you are writing.

Pick something you love about the person

What makes your special person stand out from the crowd? What do you especially love about them? Write it down in detail. The things you appreciate most may not be the things your beloved considers to be his or her most obvious strengths, so tell them why it matters.

Include a happy memory the two of you have shared

As you are writing your letter, choose a particularly fond memory and write about it in detail. Tell the one you’re writing how that memory made you feel. What you may not know is your memory may be something your recipient has forgotten over time and this may bring back a wonderful feeling for them.

Choose the right stationery for your letter

Since a love letter is not just an everyday piece of correspondence, it should not look like one. This is a time to get creative. Visit your craft store and find special paper, lace hearts, pressed flowers, stickers, or any other additions that you choose. This is a note you want the recipient to be wowed by. Don’t forget to buy a special envelope, too. Make it beautiful. Make it your own creation.

Talk about the difference the person has made in your life

If you’re writing a note such as this, surely your life has changed for the better since meeting this person.  This is something you will want to convey in your letter. Explain in detail how this person has enhanced your life and give some examples of how that is true.

Be genuine to who you are

It is most important to make this note an authentic expression of your own true feelings. Let your own personality come through in your writing. Don’t write words that don’t reflect who you really are. Speak from your heart and let your writing flow naturally.

Never say anything you don’t mean

Think about what this relationship means to you now in the present moment. Allow your writing to reflect what is true now and do not make grandiose promises or gestures. You may want to write about what you admire or appreciate about the recipient of your note. Perhaps you could tell them why you love a special talent or creative ability they have. Let them know that you see who they are and truly recognize their special gifts. Nothing feels better than knowing someone cares about what matters most to you.


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