Honey, An Ingredient for Pampering

How long ago have you surrendered to the invitation of a reclined chair and prepared yourself for the moment warm skin touches your own? In that first connection, the words arrive in your mind, “I needed this!” Our fast-paced lives require time to stop, sit and provide, if not an hour, perhaps a few minutes of self-indulgence. While you may resist a skincare treatment containing honey, there are plenty of reasons why you should say, “Yes!”

The Amazing Qualities of Honey 

Of all the natural foods, honey will never spoil. Raw, unfiltered honey, not tampered by additives or heat, is full of nutrients, antioxidants and contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. One application can moisturize dry skin, clear acne, unclog pores, soften wrinkles and improve other signs of aging. When buying raw honey for facial and body applications, choose wildflower or similar dark-caramel hues. An eight to 10-ounce jar is an adequate size.

Buy Trusted Honey 

Labels, such as “Grade A” or “USDA Approved” are faulty gimmicks to encourage a consumer to trust a product. Instead, visit a farmer’s market, an old country store or contact your local beekeeper’s association. Remember, pollen season spans from April through June; therefore, be wary of honey purchased in the winter months.

Coconut Oil and Honey Facemask Recipe

Coconut oil is an ideal versatile product. It can heal wounds, moisturize skin and reduce inflammation. It is best to use raw, unrefined coconut oil.

RecipeCombine equal amounts of honey and coconut. Start with one heaping tablespoon. While optional, you can add three drops of essential oil. For complete relaxation, choose lavender! Peppermint, on the other hand, will boost energy levels. Stir well; then, apply a thin layer to your face and wait 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Pat dry.

The result will aid in unclogging pores, reducing wrinkles and promoting a radiant glow.

Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub 

Not just for baking, the granulated particles of brown sugar have a multi-skincare function. Containing antibacterial properties and glycolic acid, it can exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

RecipeEqual portions of brown sugar and honey comprise the complete process; therefore, if you are going to make enough for one use, mix one teaspoon of each ingredient.

Apply half a teaspoon to wet skin and gently massage in a circular motion. Remember, the scrub is edible; so, do not avoid the lips, especially if they are chapped! Rinse and pat dry.

Hydrating Hair Treatment 

In the extraordinary benefits honey offers to the skin, it has a similar effect to the hair. If the strands appear dry and lack bounce, try a natural application.

Recipe: Blend two ripe bananas, a half-cup of honey and one-quarter cup of olive oil. Once applied, allow to moisturize for 25 minutes; then, rinse. Comb hair and rinse again. For excessively dry hair, use weekly.

A Cleopatra Bath Soak 

Known for her radiant skin and beauty, Cleopatra used a daily skincare routine consisting of donkey’s milk and honey. In considering the characteristics of dairy milk, it contains vitamins to soften and cleanse the skin. And, lactic acid improves skin tone and reduces pore appearance.

Recipe: To begin, post a “Do not disturb!” sign on the door; then, add two cups of milk, ¼ cup of honey and, for decadence, either an essential oil or a handful of rose petals. Swirl with your hand. Enter. Sit back, and enjoy it!

Cleansing Face Wash and Exfoliant 

Women want a clean face without the worry of unknown ingredients. Honey is the solution. It has a natural antimicrobial quality, which can safely remove dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling rejuvenated.

After wetting your face with warm water, take less than a teaspoon of honey and rub a few dabs into your palm to soften. Apply in a circular motion to your face and neck; then, wash off with warm water. No feeling of stickiness; just refreshing tingles!

A Cuticle Moisturizer  

In the minute or two that you are waiting, apply a small dab of honey to your cuticles. The fingers and toes must also receive a five-minute treatment!

Honey, the perfect pampering solution from head to toe! Enjoy!


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