Hillcrest Vision: Your 2020 Solution

Hillcrest Vision has spent over ten years building a great reputation for friendly eye care solutions.  Led by Dr. Juawana Hall, Hillcrest Vision boasts a comfortable and recently renovated office that utilizes the latest in eye technology.  And… that’s the end of the boring part.  The fact is, Hillcrest Vision is too awesome of a doctor’s office to present it in any way other than pure 2020 greatness.  In fact, I could do an entire article on the full year of puns that will go hand in hand with 2020.  Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?  Ba-dum-dum. Instead – don’t take my word for it. Let’s discover what others have to say about Hillcrest Vision!

“The service you receive from Hillcrest Vision goes above and beyond. The staff is friendly and work well together, and they complement each other in knowledge and strengths. The waiting area is clean and welcoming. Dr. Juawana Hall is a straight to point type doctor that will give you the information you need for your eye health, and the rest is up to you to follow. If you need vision care, consider Hillcrest Vision Center in Winston-Salem, NC. I did, and I live in South Carolina, and I don’t mind the drive to go to someone I know cares.” ~Jackie G.

WOW!  A patient willing to drive from South Carolina speaks volumes, but her point about Dr. Hall being a straight-to-the-point doctor is 100% accurate.  Dr. Hall is friendly, fun, and willing to engage in a conversational, down-to-earth style.  But she knows her stuff.  And she won’t beat around the bush – she will give you her recommendations in a way that is personable and easily understood.

“This visit was the second time I’ve had an emergency eye problem and was able to get worked in fairly quickly and came out much relieved! Dr. Hall is very calming and caring every time I see her. She explains what is wrong and what she’s doing as she works, which makes for a great visit. Took care of my problems once again. She’s my hero!” ~Charlotte B.

We know the frustration of needing to see a doctor quickly, but also recognize that doctors’ have schedules. It’s nice to know that Dr. Hall is flexible enough to accommodate urgent visits as they come up because – no pun intended – we can’t see the future issues we may have!  Dr. Hall has demonstrated to more than one patient her willingness to go the extra mile!

“Hillcrest Vision is a great practice! The office is extremely well-run, and I always feel like my eye care needs are being met. Dr. Hall is extremely thorough and does a great job explaining specifics related to eye care.” ~Emily E.

UGH! Don’t you hate it when doctors talk over your head?  Some seem to have an extra degree in how to make things more intimidating and frustrating for their patients.  But Dr. Hall approaches her patients with a communication style that speaks TO her patients – not AT them.  And there’s a big difference.

“Always a pleasure to come to your office. Very courteous staff.” ~George K.

While Dr. Hall is the foundation of Hillcrest Vision – she’s put together a dynamic team that excels at taking care of her patients.  Fun, friendly, personable, and engaging – the whole team at Hillcrest Vision exudes a sense of family.  They genuinely like one another and invite their patients to be a part of their warm and caring environment.

So there you have it!  And I can complete this article with total confidence because I am a Hillcrest Vision patient, too!  And Dr. Hall is amazing!  I actually look forward to visiting with the team when I go in for my eye appointments and appreciate the extra mile they always go to make sure I have everything I need to see 2020 in the best possible way – and in all the years to come as well!

Hillcrest Vision is located at 2431 Winterhaven Lane in Winston-Salem. Call them at 760.2020, visit them online at HillcrestVision.com and be sure to “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.


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