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Kate, a local college student, comes out of one of the treatment rooms at The VISTA med spa in Winston-Salem. Her skin is literally glowing. No makeup – just super fresh, healthy looking skin – the result of a 45-minute DiamondGlow treatment. Top-notch facials like the DiamondGlow, peels, medical-grade skincare products, lasers, fat-freezing and muscle toning are just some of the offerings that are drawing lots of patients to The VISTA which will celebrate its 4th anniversary this year.

The VISTA is located within Forsyth Plastic Surgery, an award-winning practice with five board-certified plastic surgeons and a large staff. So, what should patients expect when they come to The VISTA? Dr. Andy Schneider, one of the practice’s board-certified plastic surgeons says, “results.”

Dr. Schneider explains, “We want to make sure that our patients see a noticeable result. There are many treatments advertised on TV, on social media and in stores that are basically a waste of money. You’ll see products that sound too good to be true. And, actually, they are too good to be true. So, we don’t do things unless we really think patients will see a noticeable result. That’s why our patients continue to come back.”

Let’s say you have a beauty goal in mind for this spring or summer. What’s a good place to start? Dr. Leslie Branch, another board-certified plastic surgeon, says the first step is to “book a consult with Gina or Kinsley, our licensed medical aestheticians. They’ll create a specific plan for you based on your skin type. They’ll factor in your age, your needs, how dry or oily your skin is, and then they’ll choose products and treatments that are going to work best for you.”

Dr. Branch says that can mean the aestheticians may choose several products from one skincare line, like Obagi, or they may choose products from several different companies. And, they may recommend a peel, a simple facial or a laser treatment.

Dr. Schneider believes this is exactly the right approach. He says, “I think most people sometimes have the impression that one treatment or one procedure can do magic. When in reality, oftentimes the best approach is to do many different things that all add up to a better result. I always use the analogy of going to the gym. You wouldn’t walk into the gym and spend all day on one machine. Rather, you would pick out several machines that seem to work for you and focus on those.”

Aesthetician Kinsley Nix agrees: “Each patient has different needs and desires for their goals. I feel like we have something to offer each person.”

Dr. Gil Kingman, another plastic surgeon, says, “Maintenance is key, especially with people who have already had some procedures. Skincare can really go a long way if you stick with it. There are various plans, some more aggressive, some a little less. It really depends on how soon you want to get to your endpoint and what your endpoint is. There’s always something that fits within your budget.”

So, why choose to buy beauty products at The VISTA when you can find products with similar ingredients at every pharmacy or mall kiosk, on Instagram or even in the grocery store?  Dr. Branch explains, “When you buy medical-grade skincare products at The VISTA, you’re going to get better results. The products we sell have higher percentages of the natural acids, active ingredients and retinols in them than what people can typically sell over the counter.”

One additional benefit to choosing The VISTA is that it’s part of Forsyth Plastic Surgery. As Dr. George Lawson III says, “Sometimes our aestheticians will have a patient with a goal that goes beyond the scope of what we do in The VISTA, and they can just refer the patient right upstairs to one of our surgeons.”

The VISTA is open daily from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. Danielle Lampky and Trish Welch are the Cosmetic Concierges at the practice, and they welcome texts from patients who have questions about products, treatments or booking appointments. Their number is 336.443.6313, and they respond during business hours.

Danielle says, “We encourage patients to come see us at The VISTA. We love the products and treatments here. I use them myself. We all do!”


Dr. John A. Fagg, plastic surgeon: “I would recommend a good sunscreen for everyone. It’s the #1 way to help prevent premature aging.”

Dr. Gil Kingman: “Laser hair removal becomes popular in the spring, especially with bathing suit season coming up. I also highly recommend an Intense Pulse Light (IPL treatment) for patients who want to reduce the appearance of spider veins and fade pink spots that can appear on the face. And, a personal favorite is miraDry to reduce underarm sweat. I’ve had the treatment myself and love the results.”

Gina Racca, aesthetician: “CoolSculpting and CoolTone are great choices this time of year. It’s smart to start now because these treatments need several weeks before you’ll see your full result.”

Kinsley Nix, aesthetician: “Permanent makeup is good for anyone who is maybe missing a little bit of brow and wants them to be a little thicker and fuller. Permanent eyeliner is great for someone who doesn’t want to fuss with putting it on every day or maybe doesn’t have the steadiest hand. Permanent makeup also means you’re beach ready! You wake up, you’re ready to go.”

Dr. George Lawson III, plastic surgeon: “Dermaplaning is very popular in the summer. It removes that layer of peach fuzz from the facial skin, and our patients really like the smooth feeling.”


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