Any Way You Frame It 3 Giftable DIY Photo Frame Projects Anyone Can Make

Whether you are looking to pass the time by embracing your crafty side or simply love the idea of giving new life to something old, picture frames can make a great medium! Looking around your home, you may find a few old frames no longer holding photographs that are instead sitting in a drawer or lying in the garage. Thrift stores are also notorious for having large stashes of frames as well! There are so many different DIY (Do It Yourself) picture frame project ideas that can give new purpose to them by creating perfect home decor additions or gift ideas for loved ones.

Interested in tackling your own framed craft day? Check out the below project ideas, grab a frame or two, and get started!

#1 Farmhouse Serving Tray 

Take a nod from Chip and Joanna Gaines and create a little farmhouse style for a vanity or coffee table with a serving tray. This can be layered with other decor goodies such as candles, succulents, and a framed photograph or two to make a statement.

What You’ll Need:

● Picture frame, 11×14 or larger

● Drawer pulls/handles

● Wood glue

● Optional inner decorative fabric, lace, or painted glass

DIY Directions:

Begin by removing the back off of your frame and set aside. You can then add the decorative fabric or lace on the inside where a photograph would traditionally be. (This is what will be the main base of your tray.) Next, turn your frame to the back and remove the “stand” piece to ensure your tray will lay flat when placed down. Taking your two drawer pulls, lay one on each side of the picture frame, measuring to make sure they are even from left to right. Once they are even, you can then glue them down firmly, allowing them to dry completely. Now your once picture frame is a fabulous tray ready to serve breakfast in bed!

#2 Jewelry & Earrings Wall Display

Many women are often looking to increase storage for earrings, hair accessories, or other jewelry types. Creating a chicken wire framed wall display is quick and easy, with lots of room for showcasing favorites rather than hiding them away in a drawer!

What You’ll Need:

● Ornate or Detailed picture frame, 8×10 or larger

● Chicken Wire, 19-Gauge, ½” mesh

● Wire cutters

● Staple gun and staples

● Wire for hanging or other hanging hardware

● 1×2 piece of wood

● Paint of choice and paintbrush

DIY Directions:

After cleaning your frame to rid it of any debris or dust, paint the entire frame, completing 1-2 coats, and letting it dry completely. Move onto measuring your chicken wire to fit the perimeter of the frame, leaving a 1″ overhang for spacing. Next, take your wire cutters and trim the chicken wire to the appropriate dimensions and slowly attach to the back of the frame using your staple gun. (Make sure to lay the wire flat and hold tight as you attach to avoid rippling!) In order to have earrings and other items not hit the wall the frame is hung on, you’ll then add a wood spacer to the back of the frame at the top and bottom of the chicken wire, being sure to cover the raw edge of chicken wire. Last but not least, add your hanging hardware so your display is ready to be added to any wall in the house.

#3 Framed Pin Cushions

Anyone who sews can tell you that one can never have too many pincushions around! This stylish and safe sewing table necessity is one of the simplest and quickest DIYs! You can create one for yourself or as a gift for the self-proclaimed seamstress in your life.

What You’ll Need:

● Tiny wood frames, 4×6 or smaller

● Chipboard backing

● 4″x5″ piece of fabric

● Cotton or Polyester quilt batting

● Paint and paintbrush

DIY Directions:

Start by wiping your frame clean and then painting a few coats of your color of choice. Next, you will place the frame face down with the pre-cut fabric on top of the frame with the right side facing down. Folding the batting into a small rectangle, you can then insert through the opening in the frame, pulling the edges of fabric taught to avoid any wrinkles. Pay close attention and fold over all of the raw edges of the fabric around the perimeter of the frame and place the chipboard on top to hide the fabric edges. Lastly, you may close the metal tabs of your frame to secure in place. There you have it!

After you pick a project that suits you, you can check out places like Pinterest and Etsy for more DIY photo frame ideas or other upcycle inspired crafts.



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