Keeping it Real: Weary World, Rejoice!

BY KAYLYN LANIER How is it already time for Christmas? Not that I am complaining AT ALL—I am a Christmas girl all year long. But oh, what a year this has been. Last December, no one could have predicted what these months would hold. We were forced to journey an un-seeable path together and navigate […]

Nitsa’s Apparel: For All The Times of Your Life

Photo by JEJ Photos  Since 1964 when Nitsa Bambalis, founder, opened a custom-made clothing and alterations shop above the family-owned Recreation Billiards on Fourth Street, Nitsa’s Apparel has been attracting discriminating, fashion-conscious patrons. For over 50 years, Nitsa’s has been known as a haven for women of style who are searching for chic and timeless […]

Jodie Brim Photography: Connecting and Empowering Women in Our Community

BY JULIE FRITZ Photography isn’t just a picture, and when you’re using photography to represent your brand or business, it needs to tell a story. A good brand photographer can reveal what the brand is trying to convey through visual imagery. At Jodie Brim Photography, this is precisely what she does, but with a twist. […]

Brooke Notes: The Publisher Perspective

Photo by Jodie Brim Photography Here we are wrapping up this crazy year! No doubt it’s been full of trials and challenges, but this year has also forced me into a LOT of growth, both professionally and personally and that— in my mind—is a huge positive. My cousin always says, “It’s hard, but it’s good!” […]

A Bright Moment: Crispy Prosciutto & Roasted Tomato Carbonara

BY LAUREN SEPHTON Hi! I’m Lauren. I’m a college student, freelance writer, and foodie. Stick around to find everything from achievable dessert ideas to healthy, quick dinners that’ll happily feed the family. Prep Time: 25 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 35 minutes Servings: 6 – 8 Ingredients 1 c. sharp aged cheddar, grated (or parmigiano reggiano) […]

Accent Prone:  Endless Inspiration

BY MARTIE EMORY From cozy vignettes of home décor that you can easily visualize your family relaxing in, to unique jewelry and on-trend apparel to spice up your wardrobe and delight those on your holiday gift list, Accent Prone in Kernersville delivers endless inspiration when it comes to living, dressing, and lavishing yourself with style. […]

Give Area Businesses a Gift: Buy Your Holiday Gifts Locally This Year

BY AMY HILL The year 2020 has taken its physical, emotional, and financial toll on the world. With the holidays quickly approaching, some retail therapy is justified and very much needed. Before filling up your Amazon wish list and shopping cart, why not take a break from mega-giant shopping (doesn’t Jeff Bezos have enough money […]

In the Spotlight

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN April Forster What makes you YOU? I’m a fixer. I care about people and genuinely want to help. I’m also pretty funny. I make up ridiculously silly songs about our dogs. What are you most proud of? Coming out. Growing up in the South with a conservative family most certainly meant rejection. […]

Voices Changing Communities Robin Paul:  Voices Doing God’s Work

In a noisy, politically divided climate filled with disagreements between once-friendly neighbors, our community is blessed by the humble, caring voice of Robin Paul.  Robin’s voice is free from conflict. “My parents raised me to be a giver, just like my husbands’ parents raised him.” Married to Charles Paul and mother to CJ and Chris […]

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