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At Aligned Health & Wellness in Winston-Salem, you’ll find a team dedicated to exceptional care, while passionately guiding you to the absolute best quality of life you can achieve!

Dr. Joshua Katz, D.C., and Dr. Jessica Katz, D.C., are both genuinely inspired by being part of a patient’s healthcare journey. Always offering a positive, professional atmosphere at their Kernersville location, the team is now thrilled to introduce patients to their new facility in Winston-Salem that’s dedicated solely to treating patients who suffer with peripheral neuropathy. 

“We are excited to be in our new location because it helps us fulfill our personal mission to provide exceptional healthcare that empowers our community to optimize their health, and experience the best quality of life!” says Dr. Jessica. “By branching out into Winston-Salem, we will be able to serve a much larger community.”

The doctors created Aligned Health & Wellness to offer every peripheral neuropathy sufferer the chance to truly heal and enjoy life again — without the fear of surgery or possibly harmful medications. Eliminating pain is the first step in leading neuropathy patients back to a full life!

If you’re currently suffering from neuropathy, you may have sadly given up outdoor activities like gardening or enjoying long walks, and you’ll be all too familiar with these potential symptoms: 

* Numbness, tingling, burning, or itching in extremities

* Dizziness while standing or while moving from sitting to standing

* Muscle spasms, cramping, or uncontrolled twitching

* Shooting or stabbing pains, which may be worse at night

* Loss of coordination or balance

* Hot or cold hands and feet, or changes in skin color

The goal at Aligned Health & Wellness is identifying and treating the underlying cause of your pain, in order to alleviate these symptoms, and safely manage the condition. Think of it as targeted healing with maximum relief!

One of the most important things that sets Aligned apart from other practices is that the treatments they design for patients aren’t merely to suppress symptoms. Patients at Aligned are actually reversing their neuropathy.

“We provide customized care that focuses on the root cause of the patient’s problem, as well as the ability to maintain their quality of life. We believe that our patients’ goals should be our goals!” says Dr. Jessica.

And they love celebrating patient results!

“My feet were numb, I was having trouble driving, my balance was off, and the burning sensation was terrible. My doctors were telling me that if the Lyrica didn’t help there wasn’t anything else that could be done.” 

“Aligned has been a life-saver for me. After a few weeks I could feel my toes again. I could move around better without falling. A few more weeks went by, and I had more improvements! I am ecstatic I can drive. This therapy has been exactly what I needed, and I would recommend this treatment to anyone that has problems with neuropathy.”

—Shirley O.

I was struggling with the numbness in my feet. It made walking difficult, and I was very uncomfortable going up and down the stairs. ”

“After six months in the program I’d say my feet are 90% better than what they were before starting out. I don’t take as long going up and down the stairs, and I feel more confident walking — plus I am able to walk longer periods of time.”


With two bustling locations, Aligned Health & Wellness is convenient to Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and Walkertown. Their newest location is now open at 765 Highland Oaks Drive, Suite 200, in Winston-Salem, 336-600-2477. Learn more about their services devoted to neuropathy patients, and request an appointment at, or by calling 336-600-2477.


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