The Real Deal: Toner, the Essential Spritzer

Toning is a step often missed by many in their skin care routine.  It might seem like one that you can easily skip because it’s just a spray, but these can be amazingly beneficial if you use the right ingredients and you can make one yourself for relatively very little money.

Why should we consider this an essential step in loving our skin?  Because it can be extremely healing, moisturizing, and balancing.  Whatever your ailment might be, dry skin, sun scorched, break out, reactive, bug bites, there’s a spritz for that.  

When should we spritz?  After each cleansing, even if you’re in the camp of just splashing your face in the morning with water, spritz after.  Never skip it after a deep cleanse and you can spritz anytime during the day, even if you’re wearing make-up.  Add a final spritz after your moisturizer to lock everything in! When we cleanse, we are stripping away from our skin, even in the gentlest of cleansing, so we want to spritz back some nutrients and applying these prior to skin care will prep the skin and make the skin care products more effective.  

The ingredients of a good toner can be relatively simple.  You probably automatically think of some of them when you think of toner but some may surprise you.  Witch hazel has been around in our pharmacies since the beginning and long used in folk medicine.  This is a powerful plant, a flowering shrub scientifically called Hamamelis Virginiana. It’s native to the United States, Japan, and China.  Witch hazel is an astringent, causing the tissue to contract, shrinking pores.  It also contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds making it a stellar choice for sensitive skin, break outs or even broken skin.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) makes a great addition to your spritz.  It contains healing enzymes that are great for oily skin, break outs, cuts, razor burn or rashes.  You want to use raw ACV so look for that key factor when selecting one.  ACV contains malic acid and is antibacterial and antifungal, making it a key component for those particular skin conditions.  The malic acid is also an exfoliator, helping increase the skin cell turnover for new, healthy cells!

Aloe vera juice – we all know aloe gel is a staple for sunburn in the summer, but in its liquid form, it can easily be spritzed over skin to soothe and heal.  Aloe vera is very moisturizing, it contains mucopolysaccharides that bind moisture to the skin as well as bind flaking skin cells together for smoothing dry skin cells.  It really packs in humectants that increase moisture levels by attracting water from the air or deep within the skin to the skin’s surface. It is an anti-inflammatory making it a total winner for dry or sensitive skin types.  The anti-inflammatory properties are great for reducing redness and are great for aging skin as it increases collagen synthesis!  This is what makes it a powerhouse in burn healing.

 The base of any toner will be a clean H2O!  Water, the essential element of all life, can be good for your skin when it’s mixed with the right ingredients and it’s clean.  Purified without any additives will be your best choice, so no reaching for the tap!  Check your bottled water, it might surprise you to see that they add back in minerals for taste!

Essential oils are easy to mix into your toners and it only takes a few drops to reap the additional plant power healing benefits.  Lavender is perhaps one of the most multifaceted oils available.  It’s soothing to your senses and your skin, healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and smells amazing!  This is a great choice for all spritzers, all skin types, and about any ailment –  you can’t go wrong with this one.  Frankincense is the great anti-inflammatory powerhouse that is known as the anti-aging oil.  It is touted for skin care in assisting with reducing skin sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as discoloration. Tea tree oil is an infection fighter with antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it a great choice for those that may deal with acne.  

Here’s a simple recipe if you want to give making your own spritz a try!


  • 4 oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle (purchase on  two for $8.00)
  • 2oz Clean Water
  • 1 oz Aloe Vera Juice (purchase on, Lily of the Valley $0.45 per oz)
  • 1 oz Witch Hazel (alcohol free)
  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Shake and spritz!

You can store your remaining aloe juice in the fridge to keep it fresh.  If you love certain scents, add in essential oils of rose, blue tansy, or whatever oil suits your senses!


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