Add Some Pizzazz and Creativity to Your Gifts with These Unconventional Wrapping Ideas

When it comes to wrapping presents for the holidays or any time of the year, I am well-known for my love of adding too much tape and doing the bare minimum. Wrapping paper, a bow, and a card and I call it a day. Most times, I favor bags and tissue paper to make my job easier. You may have realized that wrapping gifts isn’t a favorite thing to do for me. However, there are times when I do like wrapping gifts. These are moments when I get a little more creative and use materials that many people may not think of as ways to wrap gifts.

When it comes to wrapping, people usually go with paper, bags, and bows. While these materials can be turned into beautiful masterpieces, there are many other unconventional materials that can be used to wrap presents and still add the same pizzazz as the traditional items do. These items can be handcrafted originals by you or can be functional parts of the present. Here are some unconventional wrapping ideas that are creative, simple, and for you to use this holiday season:

  • Use a part of the gift to wrap the rest of the items: For example, baking items can be placed in a bowl and wrapped with clear cellophane around it. Decorative baskets, tote bags, trays and coffee mugs are other great items for gifts that have additional purposes, as well as tins. Another fun idea is to place Christmas pajamas, socks, and a book inside a Christmas themed pillowcase. Lastly, wrap your items in a reusable material, such as shopping bags.
  • Place your gift in a glass jar: Glass jars are reusable and versatile. They came in all shapes and sizes. Fill the jar with your gift and decorate it. Include all the ribbons, tags, and fun items to make it personalized and unique. Don’t forget to place the lid on top. It is as if your receiver is getting two gifts in one.
  • Make your own wrapping paper: Customize kraft paper, fabric, burlap, tissue paper, or old maps with stamps, writing, or yarn. Other uncommon items to decorate the paper with are duct tape and crayons. Chalkboard paper is a great tool to use for writing and personalization. Also, you could make the wrapping paper a game and interactive for the receiver. Place a holiday themed word search on top or a handwritten note instead of a card. Lastly, leave the wrapping paper blank. Using white kraft paper, place it around the gift, tape a few different color crayons on top, and write “color me” for the receiver to have fun and create their own version. This is a festive way to get kids excited about their gift before actually seeing it.
  • Create a fabric gift bag: The good news is that these fabric gift bags are easy to make and no sewing is required. All you need is a piece of fabric, pinking scissors, double sided tape, and any other embellishment items you would like, such as ribbons, lace, etc. Next, cut the fabric the size you need with the pinking scissors. You can cut the fabric into whatever shape you would like, but need two of the same size. Attach the pieces of fabric with the double sided tape around only three of the edges. Then, place your gift inside the bag and finish decorating. You can close the bag with another piece of tape, a ribbon wrapped around it, or a gift tag – anything you wish.
  • Create fun and individualized tags: Normally, gift tags are cardstock or a sticker material. Take it a step up and create individualized tags for your gift recipients. Your tags could be a picture of the two of you, a handcrafted or bought ornament, or an item that the receiver could use and that goes with the gift. For example, a small whisk for a cooking gift. Another idea could be a small lace bag with nail polish, a nail kit, and other spa items.

These unconventional wrapping ideas are perfect for all ages to use and create. None of the ideas take too much time and can be very memorable for the gift receiver. Which one are you going to try this year?


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