Scarlette’s Performance and Parts: Drag Racing and Dyno Tuning’s Newest Dynamo


Woman-owned Pat’s Body Shop & Towing has been servicing the Triad for decades, operated by Sandra Scarlette, a bona fide “Jill-of-all-trades.” A true force to be reckoned with, Sandra is adept at turning her dreams into realities, even if it means waiting decades for the right opportunity to come along. She possesses a level of business acumen, drive, and confidence that is rarely seen throughout the standard population.

Sandra serves as nothing short of an inspiration for young women and striving female business-owners of all ages by letting her quality work speak for itself. As for young women looking to become entrepreneurs themselves, Sandra stands firmly behind the belief that overcoming laziness is the key to success. She rarely sits still, and even installed a small gym at Pat’s Body Shop to fit in a quick lift during bodybuilding competition season.   It’s one thing to be a hard worker and successful, but earning the respect of those around you is another feat altogether.

In addition to being a caring wife, mother, and grandmother, Sandra juggles her booming business, her successful bodybuilding career and her newfound love of drag racing. After attending drag racing school under the instruction of Bubba Turner, Sandra immediately began looking for the perfect dragster to bring home. With Bubba’s help, she finally snagged her very own speed demon from Alabama, and plans to master the sport of drag racing.

In March of 2020, Sandra was elated to open her venture, Scarlette Performance.  A customization shop making big noise in the racing world, the team provides services as leaders in their field, with a highly-trained and professional staff. Adrenaline junkies are drawn to Scarlette’s Performance due to its full racing team. Joined by NASCAR crew chief of over 20 years, Randy Cox, and Big Dog Racer Bubba Turner, the high-speed team at Scarlette’s will be a tough act to follow for fellow racing enthusiasts.  Customers can receive services such as computerized tire balancing, high-performance engine modifications, dyno tuning, and more.

In early 2022, Sandra opened her newest enterprise, Scarlette’s Performance Parts Division, located at 5730 Country Club Rd. Long-time patrons of Pat’s Body Shop could have easily missed the construction and remodel of Sandra’s brand new parts shop next door simply by blinking.  They specialize in products for show cars, drag racing, and more.  After acquiring the building in August 2021, Sandra’s husband Donnie astonishingly remodeled the space in record time for an early 2022 opening.  Upon entering the Scarlette’s Performance Parts showroom, guests are immediately taken aback by the sleek black, red, and white decor, the stunning 1963 Corvette split-window on the showroom floor, and walls of awards and trophies lining the shop. The shop is truly one-of-a-kind in the Triad. It is the crown jewel of inventory, customer service, and quality automotive care.

Sandra has big plans for her newly acquired lot next door. Customers and locals can expect to see drastic changes to Pat’s Body Shop and Towing in the near future when it comes to paint and design. With the help of 27 employees, Pat’s currently services 100 cars on a weekly basis, with that number only expected to increase as the space expands.

Regardless of her notoriety and success, Sandra remains warm, humble, and kind to those around her. Found on Sandra’s properties are beautiful murals painted by tattoo artist Andre Phillip, which represent what Sandra loves the most (besides her family, of course): her pets, her cars, bodybuilding, and especially her late brother Pat Scarlette.

There is no doubt that Sandra’s legacy is due largely in part to her virtues. Overcoming the stigma of being a woman working in the automotive industry was an uphill climb, especially early in her career. By sticking to her guns, learning as much as she could about the industry, and presenting herself with confidence and professionalism, Sandra is one of the most well-respected names in her field.

Upon speaking with Sandra, it is no mystery how she feels about her career, team of employees and friends, and desire to keep growing. Although Sandra’s hard work continuing to pay off may seem like a no-brainer to Sandra’s nearest and dearest, she is still blown away by how her business has progressed each morning she pulls into the parking lot. She is so moved by the support from her community and team members that she becomes teary-eyed when asked to reflect on her years of dedication to her trade. In fact, she attributes her success to God and His timing.

Interested in seeing what Scarlette’s Performance and Parts has in store? Follow Sandra and her team on Facebook, and check out @scarlettes_performance on Instagram to learn more. For all your automotive parts needs, call Scarlette Performance Parts at 336-946-9007.  For Performance, Mechanical and Dyno-Tuning, call 336-955-3099, visit and


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