Marzano Capital Group: Building for the Future

Marzano Capital Group is a financial management company founded by father and son team, Art and Jon Marzano.  Together, they built a business based on financial growth and security.  As their company continues to grow and they plan for the future, their clients know that they have their best interests at heart and that planning ahead is always the best strategy.

The Marzano Difference

The biggest difference between what Marzano Capital Group offers and what other financial services firms offer is “the way we work to establish a goal-based plan, one that’s unique to the situation,” said Jon Marzano.  “It starts with the client; it’s about their goals, their needs. It’s about a lot of listening in the beginning because portfolios are tailored to their objectives, their risk tolerance.  We employ strategies that are designed around the client, not a one size fits all mentality.”

Jon continued, “We also operate on a full disclosure basis.  From the way we are compensated to the way we present the information in a simple, uncomplicated manner.  We are committed to being completely transparent with our clients, and keeping them engaged in the process.”


“In the ever-changing world of finance, technology is becoming increasingly important, especially for the younger generation,” said Jon.  “Millennials are comfortable with technology, and while the need to have face-time with a financial planner is important, the improvements and added value of technology helps us keep our clients engaged with us and with their long-term success.”

With that in mind, Marzano Capital Group offers state-of-the-art technology analytics, including Riskalyze, which is a powerful tool that helps measure risk factors in the financial choices being made on behalf of their clients.  Together, Marzano Capital Group and the client can use the Riskalyze report to determine the next steps.

Team Approach

“Another big difference in Marzano Capital Group is our commitment to a team approach.  When our clients work with our team, the trust goes beyond a single person and ultimately lies with the organization. While our team is strong and talented,” said Jon, “we still have to be aware that no one is promised tomorrow. Things happen, and there needs to be a plan for the future.  We combine our talents in-house to create a better, more comfortable situation for our clients.”

Jon knows that his team is handling what can be one of the most emotionally-charged parts of their clients’ lives:  their finances.  “We completely respect that,” he said. “When it comes to money, trust is huge.  It has to be earned.”

Human Capital: The Most Important Investment

With that said, Marzano Capital Group is growing.  Evolving. Changing to make plans for the future.

Jon said, “While many financial advisors have a contingency plan in place, at Marzano Capital Group we are building an infrastructure based on what we want to happen in the future. We are investing in our most important asset of the company – our human capital.  The people who work with us, as well as the future financial advisors who will join our organization.”

“A reality that too many investors have to deal with is that financial advisors, their advisors, eventually retire,” said Jon.  “Or, worse off, something happens to them.  And then what?  What happens to a client’s portfolio?  Orphan clients can end up going to a call center, and while their investments are secure, they have substantial losses.  The loss of a relationship.  The loss of personal interest.  The loss of understanding for their unique needs.”

The team at Marzano Capital Group is determined that won’t happen with their organization.  “We help our clients plan for the future, so it only makes sense that we’re planning for our organization’s future, too,” said Jon. “This is the next step in the service we offer our clients – stability and security not just for their money, but in their relationship with our business.”

The Small Business Difference

“Big brokerage firms traditionally do it differently than independent financial advisory practices,” said Jon.  “We see it all the time.  If a big firm advisor who has built a good size practice leaves, his or her clients are divvied up among other advisors in the office.  Again, finances are secure, but the client has lost the relationship, understanding, and personal interest in their unique needs.  They have to start over again with a new advisor.  And then, when that advisor leaves, they have to start again.”

However, Marzano Capital Group is creating an environment to avoid those situations.  “Think of it like the big box store concept versus the small business.  We are a small business,” said Jon.  “We are committed to giving our clients great service and keeping them happy because we don’t have a business without them!”

“Compare us to boutique shopping versus major retail chain shopping,” said Jon.  “We have a personal and vested interest in the client’s happiness and success because it’s a very personal matter to us.  The employed manager of a big box store doesn’t have the same level of appreciation and personal indebtedness to their customers that a small business owner has.”

“Even though we are not the size of some big firms,” emphasized Jon, “we strive to offer Wall Street services in a Main Street environment.”

The Next Generation of Financial Advisors

“We have a strong team of highly-talented financial advisors,” said Jon.  “However, we are always looking for good talent for the next generation.  While I’m still several decades away from retirement, looking toward the future is part of our long-term plan.”

But trying to find talent is not always an easy task.  “When we tap into local talent, the options are really fairly limited,” Jon explained. “The average age of financial advisors is early-mid 50s.  Ten years ago, when we were in a recession, many younger people hesitated to enter our industry.  There was a mistrust in capital markets.  However, we are doing what we can to encourage the next generations to see our industry as a positive.”

“Investing always carries a degree of risk.  No one can say with certainty when the markets will fall again, but there will always be a need for smart financial planning and counsel.  To that end, we do offer internships for college-aged students who want to learn more about what we do.  Educating and grooming a new wave of financial planners is not only good for our business, but it’s also good for the community!”

Learning From the Past Generation

“Our older clients who grew up in Depression-era America understand the value of saving.  In fact, they have accumulated the largest amount of wealth in America because they made a conscious choice to forego current wants to make sure they had enough for future needs.

“We can learn a lot from their approach,” said Jon.  “The younger generation’s great danger is assuming that wealth is going to be inherited. Pensions are a thing of the past, and it’s up to individuals to plan for the future.  Life expectancy has a direct result on how long the money will last, and the cost of health care will continue to rise.  Our clients take comfort that, as we move forward, and life goes on, Marzano Capital Group will be here to serve.”

Marzano Capital Group is located at 2625 Neudorf Road, Suite 400 in Clemmons.  Call them at 336.766.0464 or visit them online at  Be sure to like their page on Facebook.


Services offered by Marzano Capital Group include:

  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Management
  • Estate Investment Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Risk Management
  • Employee and Executive Benefits





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