How to Style Your Coffee Table in 10 Easy Steps

I understand styling your coffee table can be a challenge. I’ve been there, and also have spent way too long before I admit trying to get the “perfect” look for my coffee table. Recently, I spent some time researching tips on how to style your coffee table. Your living room is usually at the center of the house, where all your family and guests hang out, so it’s important for it to be both stylish and practical. This can be tricky, but it’s very doable! Questions I commonly ask myself: “Is that too much?” “Is there enough on the table?” “Too many colors?” and “Is this too bland?” You will not need to ask yourself these questions if you follow the tips below!

  1. Maintain Balance. Vary the scale of items on your coffee table. You don’t want lots of tiny things hanging out on your coffee table, and in contrast, you also don’t want just a couple of only large items. Keep your coffee table balanced by varying your scale.
  2. Think High and Low. Try not to let everything be on the same eye level because when that happens, nothing gets noticed. Vary the height and scale of the decorative objects.
  3. Your Colors Need to Contrast. If your coffee table is neutral, go with brighter colors on top. For dark wood coffee tables, go with more metallic and white.
  4. Make Seasonal Swap Outs. Our living rooms are usually the focal point of the home and coffee tables are a great place to rotate seasonal decorative elements. In the summer, display seashells on top of a book stack. For the winter, add magnolia sprigs. You can get creative here!
  5. Think in Threes. Divide your coffee table into three separate sections. This can help you decide where things look best—especially for a longer, rectangular shaped table.
  6. Use a Tray. Trays are both practical and stylish! I love to display my smaller items on a tray to make it easily removable for entertaining. Trays also provide structure to a freeform table.
  7. Add Something Green. Coffee tables are a perfect place for a lower maintenance plant. Add it to the center of your table to bring freshness and life into your living room. Succulents, orchids, and moss are all great options.
  8. Think About All Angles. Coffee tables are not the place to put a picture frame, because it only offers one good angle. Think about the item from every angle before placing on your coffee table.
  9. Add Something Personal. Conversations center around the coffee table, so what better place to put something personal from your trip overseas, your kiddo’s craft fair or your wedding album. Try not to go over the top with the personal keepsakes, but keep in mind that sharing a touch of your life is always a good thing!
  10. Keep Things Practical. Even though you want your coffee table to be beautiful and perfect in every way, you need to keep it practical. If you know your hubby is going to prop his feet up on the coffee table, place a tray there that can be easily removed. Also, add baskets to stash remotes, reading glasses, and coasters.




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