Traces of Lipstick

From dark berries to dyed beeswax and various oils, lipstick has left a long, red trace on past centuries. Here’s the trace that lipstick lovingly smeared on the world. ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS Makeup was a signifier of status and was worn by both men and women. Egyptians were the first to adorn their faces with lipstick; […]

Budget Bzzz: No Spend Month

It happens to most of us – overspending one month and not having enough money for the next. There are many ways to alter your budget to fix this problem. One of those solutions is having a no-spend month. That’s right, you don’t spend money on anything, but the necessities. You might be thinking, “How […]

7 Life Skills Everyone Should Know

Throughout life, people learn many lessons and skills. At a young age, we learn to walk, talk, read, and write. Most of the time, in early adulthood, we are taught how to balance a checkbook and how to do laundry properly. The list of all the tasks goes on and on, but there are a […]

Are You a Book Genius? Test Your Knowledge and Find Out

Did you know that July 30this known as Paperback Book day? To celebrate this holiday, we are honoring all things books – paper and hardback! Quiz your skills of the best-selling novels below and see how many you know.   Since its publishing in 1997, how many copies of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the […]

Castlelights: 7 Reasons to Uplight Your Home

For most people, their home is a place that represents comfort and security, and it’s the one place to truly let down their guard and relax.  As the saying goes, “A man’s home is his castle.”  Or to ensure political correctness, “A person’s home is their castle.” With that saying in mind, we often want to […]

Be You: Stories of Self-Discovery — You Belong at the Table

BY TRACY HARRIS   A couple of years ago, I was asked to speak at a Women in Workforce conference.  Not knowing what I should speak about, I asked the conference coordinator why he asked me to be the keynote speaker and what message he wanted me to touch on.    He immediately said to talk […]

Complete Rehab

Brett Duffey is an Occupational Therapist with 20 years of experience. Over the last 14 years, Brett has fine tuned his experience and training with multiple deficits to address Neuropathy and other neurological disorders. He has seen almost 3000 patients and produced a GREATER than 90% success rate is completely eliminating or significantly reducing NEUROPATHY […]

How to Keep a Prayer Journal

In the movie The Help,one of the main characters, Aibileen, discusses writing down her prayers at one part in the film. It’s a good bet that Aibileen is talking about a prayer journal. This unique type of journal is a way many people communicate their prayers to God. It is a treasured notebook that allows […]

Fresh Starts & Full Plates Gala at Providence Restaurant & Catering

On May 6th, Providence Restaurant and Catering hosted their second annual Fresh Starts & Full Plates Gala.  This was a cocktail party of epic proportions to support a cause of unquestionable value. Held in the non-profit’s restaurant itself, the festivities commenced at 6 PM with a silent auction, gift card gamble, and Champagne game.  Wait […]

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