People of Prominence

Danny Narvaez is someone who is making a difference in our community and overseas. He was nominated as a person of prominence for his outreach efforts to those in need. He is well versed in how to affect lives of the needy and those who are hurting locally and abroad.

Where did you grow up, and what were your formative years like? Any obvious path to your current pursuits?

I grew up in southern California near the ocean; that was my place of comfort. I grew up being physically abused by a father who was a pastor. He used to punch me in the face, whip me 30 plus times with a belt, throw me in rose bushes and throw baseballs at me. My mom was on the worship team and divorced my dad when I was 12. She turned to alcohol and was viciously verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive. I became the protector of my three siblings and have a desire to stand up and protect those who cannot defend themselves.

Was there any event or instance that formed who you are today?

I found Jesus. I hated religion. The hypocrisy of most. I turned to drugs, alcohol and violence. I beat up bullies. I was in pain and anguish. Numbing the pain of my childhood any way I could. But, I realized Jesus hated it, too. And, when I surrendered my heart over to Him, I finally found true bliss. I found peace. I just want to love God and love people.

Describe what you are focused on today to improve the lives of others. 

Today, I have a coffee ministry called Love Brews Hope where I go downtown once a week (unless it rains) and give out about 100 cups of coffee, water bottles, pastries and clothes to those that are hurting, homeless or addicted. I try to offer them prayer or point them to Christ. I try to help people find peace. 

What should our readership know about your work, and what would surprise them about the plight of some people you are focused on?

I am currently raising support to be a missionary full time and build an orphanage in Asia where tribal kids are being exploited into labor and sex trafficking. I have a heart for these kids that cannot stand up for themselves. I want to save these children, show them a genuine love and introduce them to peace.

Tell us why activism or social change is so critical.

I believe activism and social change is only as important as the moral standard that’s adhered to. Without wisdom and direction, these things can be dangerous and aren’t to be taken lightly. If fueled by hate and malice, they can be dangerous. These things should be fueled by love, joy and peace for others. A genuine, selfless love. Not selfish.

What do you need from people to make your work even more successful or seen?

I need prayer. Lots of it. There’s so much power in consistent prayer. Ongoing monthly support is also extremely important. I’m at more than half of my monthly support goal and 3/4 of the way to building the orphanage. Please encourage people to pray for me, daily.

I have a Venmo @lovebrewshope or, if people want to sign up for recurring monthly payments or one time donations, with a tax receipt for tax purposes, they can give at: and it is important to give with the designation code “LoveBrewsHope.DJN”

Who would you nominate as a local person of prominence?  

Kathy Byerly – she has a heart to love people in the community and is always trying to help wherever she can. She started a ministry called Helping Hands. Helping Hands Ministry is helping the homeless, the hungry, the impoverished and the hurting. They are empowering those they are helping. Be sure to look it up on Facebook!


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