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You never know when a certain experience is going to inspire you to your calling in life. Chelsea Taylor, a Winston-Salem, NC native, owner and massage therapist at Moonstone Massage, decided on a career as a massage therapist after having a massage herself. “After a bad day when I was working at the bank, I used a gift card for a massage. I thought how happy I was to see the massage therapist, even though I knew nothing about her. I realized I wanted to be like her – making people feel good and working in a job where people were happy to see me,” recalled Chelsea. After attending The Living Arts Institute and specializing in massage therapy, Chelsea, at the young age of 23, opened Moonstone Massage, in 2013, enjoying every day since by helping clients feel better, mentally and physically.

Chelsea knew clients had many choices for massage therapy in the Winston-Salem area, so she set out to make the client’s experience different from what they may have had in the past. “When I started my business, I saw something was lacking. Many places have therapists on such a tight schedule that clients become numbers. At Moonstone Massage, our therapists treat clients the way they would want to be treated. A client comes to us after working really hard, maybe in a stressful job, and they deserve the best massage experience possible to help them reach their health goals, whether that is stress relief, treatment of a specific injury or medical concern,” Chelsea said. In an effort to give the therapist and client time to address the reasons for the massage, therapists are scheduled with a reasonable number of clients, so they have time to give their best massage. “I believe that your first massage of the day should be as good as the last one. We respect our clients’ time and wallet, meaning we won’t push in one more client for a day when our therapists are at their maximum. When a massage therapist feels their best, they pass that good feeling along to the client,” commented Chelsea.

There are other ways the therapists at Moonstone Massage approach what they do a bit differently.  “With the idea of treating the clients like we as therapists would want to be treated, we offer the full, hands-on massage, 60 or 90 minutes, where most other places offer 50 and 80 minutes because they see clients every hour on the hour. We allow extra time between sessions so you and your massage therapist or esthetician can do an intake with your goals and an outtake, addressing how we are going to work to achieve those goals. We offer complimentary hot towels and aromatherapy, which is a $30 value compared to most spas. In recent years, the practice of cupping has become a great way to address muscle tightness, and we have that available. Cupping is a service that most massage therapy places don’t offer. When we have couples come in for massages, we don’t charge extra for our couple’s room, which most massage therapists do and if you have a gift card that you would like to share and transfer to someone else, we do not charge a fee to do so. All these savings really add up!” Chelsea said.

Moonstone Massage has a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, from the moment you enter. Clients can choose Deep Tissue, Relaxation (Swedish), Prenatal Massage, Couples’ Massage, Cupping, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Foot Scrubs, Gem Stone Facials, as well as facials for anti-aging and acne. The benefits of massage include overall relaxation, stress reduction, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, and strengthening the body’s immune system.

Looking back at the past five years since opening Moonstone Massage, Chelsea knows that a dream can become reality if you love what you’re doing and give it your all every day. “The relationships I build with my clients are why I do what I do, and my therapists share that belief, too. This business is my baby, and I owe so much to my family, my parents and husband, Dan, for their support through the whole process, nights and weekends spent helping me get Moonstone Massage up and going. It’s been a great journey that I hope to continue for years to come,” commented Chelsea.

Moonstone Massage is located at 1531 Westbrook Plaza Drive, Suite G, Winston-Salem, NC. Appointments can be scheduled starting at 8 am through 7 pm, Monday-Friday; Saturday’s scheduling is 10 am – 4 pm. For more information, call 336-918-8115, or visit Follow on Facebook for posted specials at


*Summer Special– Couples’ Massage (one hour each) for $115, a savings of $25.

30 min massage/30 min facial $55, a savings of $25, or upgrade to 1 hr massage/1 hr facial for $100, saving $40.



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