Jodie Brim Photography: Connecting and Empowering Women in Our Community


Photography isn’t just a picture, and when you’re using photography to represent your brand or business, it needs to tell a story. A good brand photographer can reveal what the brand is trying to convey through visual imagery. At Jodie Brim Photography, this is precisely what she does, but with a twist. Jodie and her team work with female entrepreneurs to help them identify and convey their brand’s message. Empowering and connecting women in the community is the heartbeat of her business.

Jodie Brim has been in business as a professional photographer since 2012, but her passion for photography started long before that. She was the girl who was hardly ever in pictures because she was always behind the camera. A Winston-Salem native, Jodie lived in Chicago before returning home, newly married and deciding to turn her passion into her career. By 2013 she had prepared financially to quit her job and devote all of her time to her business. The next few years were tough as she learned to navigate entrepreneurship and to grow her business.

In 2015 her family fell on hard times when her husband became ill while they were still getting used to being new parents to their 4-month-old baby. This unfortunate turn of events lit a fire in Jodie to contribute more financially to her family. During that year, she started to get lots of requests for headshots. Realizing that taking headshots in her driveway wasn’t the best plan, she rented a 100 sq ft studio that she shared with three other photographers in downtown Winston-Salem. She created magic in that space but got bored after a while and decided to change her business model. She realized she wanted to give her clients more than just a headshot; she wanted to create an experience by highlighting their brand’s story and the person behind it in the photos that she created. In following this passion, she set herself apart by doing something different in this community. She also narrowed her focus to work with women because she felt that it is the place where she could make the greatest impact. As a woman of Faith, she felt called to this mission and worked very hard to create it.

In 2018 she posted a vision on social media of what she hoped she could create in a studio: a blank canvas that is completely customizable for brand photoshoots. Within a year, that vision came to life in her current studio located in downtown Winston-Salem where she spends her days transforming the studio tailored for each client’s brand.

Today, Jodie Brim Photography works to connect and empower women to grow their brands by creating photographs that showcase their talents and ultimately help attract their dream clients.  When she first became a photographer, it was challenging to connect with seasoned female creatives who were willing to help out a “rookie.” Jodie was determined to be part of the change in supporting other women on their journey of entrepreneurship. This is not just a business to Jodie; it’s a mission and a ministry as well. Because of it, she can give back to females in our community and bring them together to connect, create positive relationships, and grow. Jodie said, “I’m a girl’s girl, and I think the best way for women to be successful is to work together. Helping other women to shine is my mantra. I work every day to create a safe environment where women can grow and feel empowered to be who they are. Never judgment, always love.”

The Jodie Brim Brand Experience is like none you’ve ever had. It is an eight-step process from your initial contact to your gallery delivery. Jodie and her team of stylists and makeup artists will create custom brand photographs to help you attract the clients you’ve always wanted. What sets Jodie apart is that she strives to make a personal connection with each client to help them celebrate their talents.

And as one client noted, “Her energy is unmatched! I walked away feeling confident, proud, and fearless!”

If you are ready for your experience with Jodie Brim Photography or would like more information, visit her website at You can also follow Jodie Brim Photography on Facebook and Instagram for her latest projects and as an uplifting addition to your social media.


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