Hustle & Heart 5 Ways your Web Presence can “Wow” in your Brand

There are so many places to show up online these days, it can be difficult to feel like you’re checking all the boxes! Overcomplicating what it takes to build a stronger web presence is what’s getting in the way of growing your business online.

Permission to change that?

I promise that your best web presence is found when you are present. It’s not about being everywhere or doing everything, but choosing a few key areas digitally to show up and really be present with your audience of future, present and past customers.

Here are a few intentional tips to help add some “wow” to your web presence.

Build brand recognition.

Ask yourself, “What am I sharing in the digital world to make me memorable?” There are so many oversaturated markets and competitors, what steps are you taking on your website, social media, advertisements that help you stand out? It’s easier than you think! Start by checking if you’re using the same profile image across all online platforms and even your business card. Next, work on honing your brand voice! The way you speak in videos, write your blog posts, deliver your sales copy should all sound like it’s coming from the same brand.  Last, enable brand guidelines for your business to ensure that yourself and any team members or contractors involved are keeping all your visuals, voice and any other aspects of your brand consistent.

Simplify your website.

Your website is your cornerstone content, the place you want the most visitors because this is where you drive them to conversions, sign-ups and sales! Stand out without the bells and whistles and focus on what’s really going to “wow” leads. Can viewers understand the who, what and how of your business? Find opportunities to clearly state these things throughout multiple pages. Can someone access you and your offers? You want it to be easy to see who this business is run by so you can build trust and connection. Show a clear way to schedule a consultation or buy from your shop.

Share value.

Before someone even buys from you, your web presence should be giving them value! Are you giving away the “good stuff”?  I’m not talking about deep discounts. Are you focusing on giving them something for coming your way that helps them see how valuable your business is? On social media it can be a quick video with tips you know your audience will benefit from. Your website could include helpful blog posts that instruct, entertain or encourage your reader.  What ways are you creating in your online presence that invites your audience or customers back? It’s all about relationships and adding value – that’s where buyers come from!

Build trust and authority.

You want to become the “go to business” in your audience’s eyes for whatever problem you’re going to be the solution to. Finding multiple ways to share testimonials and reviews are going to be your trust gaining gold. This is the social proof you need to gain trust and excitement over hiring and buying from you. If you have existing reviews, make sure you’re incorporating them into your web presence. Repurpose them across your website, social media posts, service or pricing guide, Instagram stories or reels, inside a blog post and more! At the end of the day reviews are just a storytelling tool and people love a good story! Don’t forget to reask often and share how to leave you a review often! People may love working with you but get busy, it’s your job to follow up and remind them how and where to leave a review.

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month challenge yourself to take a closer look at where you’re showing up online. Where is there a current opportunity to add a little more “wow” factor? Create a list of 3 things you’re going to improve and add some dates to them for accountability to get them done!


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