Green-Thumbs-Gone-Wrong Anonymous: Tips on decorating with artificial plants 


When the succulent and cactus craze first hit, it was made for me…or so I thought.

Here were tiny, easy-to-care-for plants with very little chance of meeting their untimely death, as had the many plants that had come before them. I purchased an array of sizes and colors with trendy little planters to pot them in and scatter around the house. I felt like my green thumb was ready to make its appearance and, perhaps, was just a late bloomer.

Sadly, to my disappointment, that green thumb of mine never did quite pull through, and a few months later, gone were the vibrant plump so-called “easy-to-care-for” plants I had such high hopes for. In return, however, I decided to add that fresh greenery look to my decor another way!

Sometimes you’ve got to fake it to make it…

If you are also part of Green-Thumbs-Gone-Wrong Anonymous, you may love the idea of adding fresh greenery and textured earthy accents throughout your space, but just can’t seem to keep plants alive. Introducing a love for artificial plants that don’t look all that artificial at all! Finding the right types of artificial plants to highlight your decor can give you that gift of greenery without the task of trying to keep a plant alive. (After all, who has time for all those sad plant funerals?) Alive or fake, plants bring life into a space and can really change up your decor, so finding the right fit for both indoor and outdoor needs is important. 

Scope out your space.

Are you hoping to pack a punch when you greet visitors at your front door with a seasonal wreath? Maybe you want to add a bright and cheerful flower arrangement to your office desk? Think about each of the areas in your space that you’d like to add a plant and give some thought to how you will place it. All of these details matter as it will help you make decisions on the quality of the plant itself and the way you display it. Will this plant be high up in a hanging planter or on a countertop in close range? If higher up, you can crumble some newspaper in the pot to give your artificial plant some height and leave it as is, where a lower placed plant you can add some soil or stones to hide the fake base and have it look more realistic.

Wait, you mean those aren’t real? 

One of my favorite things to hear when people come over to our home are the comments on the plants we have around the house and their shock when I tell them they aren’t real. When choosing artificial plants or flowers, look for details that give away the fact that they are fake. For example, plastic stems that are too thin for the rest of the plant, sublimated printing on leaves that look computer-generated or too painted on, overdone gloss, inability to bend leaves or shape them, and anything else that just seems a little too manmade. Your best plants will be those that have added texture to the leaves or stems, are made of rubber or silk rather than plastic, have a fake soil or dirt base, and aren’t too firm or too flimsy but right in the middle.

Get your garden section shop on!

Now that you know what to look for and what to consider, you’ll want to head out to start shopping! Some of the best bargains you can find for quality artificial plants can be found at big box craft stores like Joann Fabrics and Michaels. Often these retailers will have large sales on these sections of their inventory, as well as the ability to apply a 50% coupon. Additionally, you can check out discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods as well, especially for season-specific looks! If you are looking for a vast assortment, you can head online to or as well.

Don’t forget that if you’re missing that green thumb, it’s ok to seek a little help. Find the pieces that work best for your home or office, and who knows? No one may be able to spot the difference!




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