February 1st Celebrates Spunky Old Broad’s Day

Spunky: adjective. Having or showing courage: audacious, bold, brave, courageous, dauntless, doughty, fearless, fortitudinous, gallant, game, hardy, heroic, intrepid, mettlesome, plucky, unafraid, undaunted, valiant, valorous. (Slang) gutsy, gutty.

Introductions can be memorable. Have you ever met a woman, who regardless of her life’s circumstances and trials, maintained a sense of humor, independence and spirit? We all know someone over the age of 50 who is a tribute to the term “spunk!” And, maybe, that person is you! Do reruns of “The Golden Girls” feel like time spent with good friends who understand what it means to be outspoken and independent? Sure, the body aches, but it’s not a cause to hold your momentum in moving forward and taking on the world. February is the month to celebrate the title of being a Spunky Old Broad with pride!

Why Have a Spunky Old Broad’s Day? 

In 2002, Dr. Gayle Carson, trademarked February 1st to become an official holiday. People often inquired about her ability to remain positive and wondered what source inspires her inner-spunk? She put the two together, realizing that 60+ no longer defined a spring chicken, and being an opinionated woman connected too closely to the word, “broad.” It became invaluable for women to live a full and exciting life beyond the age of 50. Carson writes, “This special day exists to give all Spunky Old Broads (S.O.B.) a day to recognize their importance, and to celebrate themselves and their accomplishments.”

Creating Adventure 

Surveys claim interesting findings. While individuals who are 55 years of age and older are happy and positive, other polls confirm the information by revealing stress, worry and anger decrease with age. The paradox is the second half of life offers a desire to focus on the present, disregard the nonessentials and reinvent the best aspects of life by establishing guidelines:

  • Set a Morning Routine: It’s not about concentrating on the “little things.” Give yourself a new purpose, but first, create a purposeful routine. Would that entail walking or writing in a journal? The goal is to look ahead!
  • Start Small: Give yourself a minimum of one hour each day to a priority. Perhaps you desire to pursue painting, start a blog, become a mentor, finish a novel or learn to swim. By focusing on your interests, you can start small before diving in, literally, with gusto! Invite a friend or two to join you! You’ll help each other stay motivated!
  • Get Out and Socialize: Branch out and widen your circle of friends. Look for people who also are living with a purpose. Start sharing your insights on how to live a grateful life! Exchange ideas. Work together.
  • Expand Pursuits to Change Health: The terms “bold” and “gusty” can apply to wellness, too! Consider a practical approach to health, such as alter poor eating habits or implement a regimen of exercise. Longevity is a driving force, as more women are reaching the age of 100.

With each celebration of a birthday, the year can impose a newfound freedom of independence and life. Becoming older opens a new door, a new chapter, to evolve and welcome the new possibilities.

To the Future Spunky, Open and Brave Women! 

It’s never too late to prepare for the future title of a SOB. Today’s women, through the channel of social media, can openly speak out and tell their stories. Janice Stevens, a proud SOB, writes, “Young girls like my daughter, age 41, have a confident disposition and outspoken manner. They openly speak of their lives, network, have a strong support system and a preparedness that did not exist 30 years ago.”

Just remember, whether you are 40-something or thriving in your late 90s, it’s never too late to reinvest the best part of you; therefore, stop fretting the small stuff. Learn a new skill. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. This month is a celebration of life’s possibilities and your eternal spunk! Cheers!


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