F45 Training Winston-Salem: Celebrating International Women’s Day by Empowering Women through Fitness


In honor of International Women’s Day, see what these local ladies have to say about why they love Winston-Salem’s F45 Training.


Linda Dorton

Age 39

Strategic Resource and Capital Planning for Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hobbies: Fitness, Women-specific health and nutrition, baking, remote camping, and overlanding

Why did you choose F45 Training? “I chose F45 Training Winston-Salem because of the structure and rigor of the workouts, as well as the friendly demeanor of the coaches. The coaches not only actively provide support during the workouts, but also coach members on proper form, exercise cadence, and modifications. The dynamic line-up of workouts, the fun atmosphere of the studio, and the variety of curated member socials keeps me coming back.”   

How does F45 empower you throughout your daily life? “Consistently engaging in classes at F45 has allowed me to improve my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I am able to lift heavier objects, have better posture and reach, and can walk, hike, bike, and jog with ease. I have more self-confidence and better acceptance of myself because I know what my body is capable of doing when pushed in rigorous situations. This has allowed me to be a better role model for my daughter and for other women in my life.




Elizabeth Pleasants

Age 70

Retired, Mother

Hobbies: Spending time with grandchildren, reading, yard work

Why did you choose F45 Training? “I’ve been working out regularly for over 40 years and chose F45 after working out at home during the pandemic. I was ready for a different kind of challenge, and I love that F45 workouts are fairly rigorous and combine cardio and weight training. I love the support I receive from trainers and fellow members.”

How does F45 empower you throughout your daily life? “F45 helped me get into peak physical shape before my hip replacement in April 2021, and allowed me to have a speedy recovery post operation. I was back to training at F45 after only five weeks, and was able to perform just as well as I was before my hip replacement, if not better.”




Kate McFalls

Age 26

F45 Personal Trainer and Dance Teacher

Hobbies: Photography, videography

Why did you choose F45 Training? “I moved back home to Winston in 2020 after living in New York City for three years. I knew I wanted to continue coaching, and after I took my first class at F45, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team. The overwhelming sense of community was a very important quality for me, since I was new to town again. The workouts are great and the attention to detail that is given to the full member experience is like no other.”

How does F45 empower you throughout your daily life? “I am inspired by our members on a daily basis. Seeing everyone’s smiling faces bright and early with their dedication to show up stays with me all day.”




Jenny Fichera

Age: 27

Physician Assistant and Student at Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hobbies/Passions: Exercise, soccer, basketball, golf, hiking, reading, baking

Why did you choose F45 Training? “I recently moved to Winston-Salem and was looking to find a fitness routine that provided a community atmosphere and made me excited to work out each day (even at 5:30 am). I had tried F45 once before, and joining this studio has exceeded my expectations in every way. Krissy and the team immediately made me feel like a part of a community in a brand new place.”

How does F45 empower you throughout your daily life? “As a previous college athlete, it was tricky to navigate a totally different lifestyle while still trying to incorporate intensity and discipline into workouts like I once did. I love the high-intensity and challenge each class brings. The F45 workouts and spectacular trainers empower me each morning to wake up, push myself, and see my full potential. F45 has helped me grow mentally and physically while having a lot of fun.”




Anna Loynes

Age 22

Student at Wake Forest University

Hobbies/Passions: Walking the dog, taking the boat out in the summer, reading, spending time with friends

Why did you choose F45 Training? “After graduating from high school, I struggled to find a workout routine that was challenging, innovative, and fun. The first time I tried F45, I knew I had found my new favorite gym. The classes are humbling, the coaches and other members are encouraging, and the workouts never get boring.”

How does F45 empower you throughout your daily life? “F45 puts me in a good mood and makes me feel like I can tackle anything my days bring my way.”




Damiqa Golden 

Age 27

Director for Sparq

Hobbies/Passions: F45, traveling, planning parties and events.

Why did you choose F45 Training? “F45 chose me. When I was the Events Manager for the Innovation Quarter and when F45 was first introduced, they hosted a pop-up event in one of the event spaces that I managed. I was not planning to stay for the workout but something in my gut (along with my colleague) told me to stay and check it out. After completing the workout, I felt amazing and I had never had that feeling before. I was not very active before F45, and absolutely hated working out. The coaches are truly invested in all of the members. The owner of F45 Winston-Salem, Dee, has truly created a community within that studio that is so welcoming. I have never felt that I do not belong and have also created friendships that would have never happened if those walls did not exist.”

How does F45 empower you throughout your daily life? “I start most of my days with working out at F45 to kickstart the day. There are days that I do not want to get up so early, but the feeling that I have after and throughout the day is empowering. I feel so much better about myself that not only am I trying to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, but for 45 minutes, I can take my focus off of work and put all my focus on killing my workout.”


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