Celebrate International Friendship Day


In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips.” – Unknown

Friends are the ones we call when the amazing stuff is happening, and the ones we cry to when the hard times come. Friendship is a beautiful gift that we are all able to experience. The give and take of friendship is something that adds sweetness to every season of life and every mountain or valley moment. There is not much better than having a good friend.

Most memories and experiences that we have through life, include a friend. It really is the memories and experiences that bond us together with the friends in our life. On Saturday, July 30, we can join in celebrating International Friendship Day. There are so many ways to celebrate and participate this year. Why not make another memory and another friend on this special day.

Friendship is something we all need and something we all need to give to others. Friendship is so many things and blesses us all in so many ways. Let’s break it down.

F- Fun

Plan something fun to do with your friends this month. Think about where you have had the most laughs and memories. Take this month to get creative and make a fun memory together.

You can celebrate Friendship Day in little ways or huge ways. One idea would be to have a friendship party! Invite your group of friends and have a potluck or cookout together as you cherish the moments and the friendships you have. Maybe you will even invite some new friends!

R- Reconnect

Think back through your life to the moments and friendships that brought you to where you are now. Even if you don’t still keep in constant contact with all of them, take the opportunity on this International Friendship Day to reach out to them and thank them for the impact they have had on your life and your heart. It will be great to see what they are up to.

Some friends accidently fall out of contact with one another through the years. Reconnect and reach out to a friend from high school or from your hometown. Some friends fall out of contact on purpose, so maybe take this month of friendship to reconnect and forgive one another!

I- Intentional

Friendship is intentional. Brainstorm some friends that you can intentionally meet a need in their life or intentionally love them. This can look like keeping their kids so they can have a date night or dropping off a sweet smelling candle. You know your friends, so do something you know they would appreciate!

Another way to celebrate this day of friendship is to make a list of 10 friends that you truly value and send them cards. Homemade cards always make for a sweet surprise and you can bless the people in your life in a sweet and simple way.

E- Empathetic

Everyone is going through something. Think about ways this month that you can be empathetic and reach out to a friend who has something hard in her life. Do something kind for them such as dropping off their favorite coffee or snack, or taking them to a movie.

N- Neighbor

Nowadays, we are all so busy that something we often overlook are the people who live right next door to us! This month is a great time to meet your neighbors if you have not been able to yet. If you have met them, reach out and do something nice for them. Take 30 minutes out of your busy month to walk over and drop off a baked good or just get their phone number.

D- Delicious

No matter who you are or who your friend is, we all love something delicious. In honor of Friendship Day, do something delicious. Try out a new restaurant, visit a local bakery, or even have a desert baking party together. Good times often come with good food, so this month, have both with a friend.

Celebrate those special people in your life for International Friendship Day. This month, be a friend, make a friend, and love a friend.


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