Conversation with Your BFF: ‘Am I Using My iPad As a Babysitter?’

My friend and I were having lunch not too long ago and we noticed a family of four: mom, dad, and two kids, approximately 6 and 8, boy and girl, respectively, sitting nearby in a booth. There was no conversation between the family members other than placing their order. Mom and dad made some small […]

Conversation with Your BFF: ‘What is Closure?’ Part II

BY REBECCA COOPER  Just to recap last month’s discussion on the topic of closure, from the perspective of it’s not always possible or needed, this month I’m playing devil’s advocate and looking at closure, focusing on why we do need it and how to get that elusive ending of a relationship. So, how do you […]

Conversation with Your BFF: ‘What Is Closure?’ Part I

In a recent chat with a friend, we took up the topic of closure, asking ourselves, what is it? Do we need it or not when a relationship comes to an end? Strangely, with most subjects, I have a solid opinion and can weigh the positives and negatives and come down with a strong belief […]

Conversation with Your BFF ‘Should I Attend My Ex-In-Law’s Funeral?’

As we all know, families, even when intact, are complicated and even more so after divorce and there’s no one-size-fits-all manual on what to do in delicate and emotional situations. No time is more tricky than a funeral for an ex-in-law, especially if you were part of the family for many years. So when someone […]

Conversation with Your BFF: Finding Yourself After Divorce

A friend and I recently were talking about how, when you are married, even in today’s society, you become known as ‘somebody’s wife.’ I got married in my twenties and in my rose colored, romantic and naive mind, I couldn’t wait to be known as ‘so and so’s wife.’ But, when we separated and eventually […]

Conversation with Your BFF ‘What Happened to Proper Etiquette?’

Etiquette has been defined as ‘an art form of being civil, differing across cultures and times, benefiting everyone involved, which, when practiced, keeps us from deviating to ignorantly rude mortals and brings our consciousness closer to a realm beyond this physical world.’ Sounds like something we all should strive to have, but do we really […]