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February reminds me of Valentine’s Day of course, but it also reminds me of my Papaw. His birthday is in February—he would have turned 86 years old this year. When I think of him, I think of patience. He was constantly telling my mom and me to ‘slow down’ and ‘be patient.’ He helped me with my homework, more DIY projects than I can count, delivering magazines and so much more. He did all of this with an incredible amount of love and patience—I think I only saw him (slightly) lose his cool one time in my life. He made it seem so effortless, but I’m not sure patience came effortlessly to him. In fact, I’m not sure it comes effortlessly for any of us. I think it’s something you constantly work on and something that improves with practice. His patience completely went away when he began battling Alzheimer’s—and I had the privilege of watching my mom’s level of patience grow immensely through this otherwise awful experience. In my mind, this further proves just how much effort my Papaw was putting forth to be such a patient man.

Patience is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I rush through things. I expect instant results. I’m starting to realize this isn’t something that will just go away—it’s something I have to actively work on to see any change occur. And to make change, you need motivation. I am motivated to be more patient because I want to show those around me that I love and care about them. I am grateful for those around me that continue to show me love day in and day out by having patience with me.

This month, I asked our team to choose ONE word that represents “love.” You can see their answers on pages 78-79. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to see that my response – and ironically also Keela’s response—was patience. Like mother, like daughter!

If you had to define love in one word, what would it be? How can you actively use that word to show love to those around you?

Our team is pleased to bring you the February issue! We’ve featured so many amazing women in this issue—we have our “In the Spotlight” column, voices changing communities, a brand new column featuring @girlgangwsnc, exceptional youth in our community, and as always, our popular ‘Women on the Move’ column. You can find our women the move ladies featured on our social media pages throughout the month.

“Celebrating the lives of women” has always been our mission and we hope that you see that reflected within these pages.

Brookridge Retirement is featured on our cover this month! We’re excited to debut a brand new retirement column in this issue as well! We may be biased, but we think Winston-Salem is a pretty perfect place to retire. And if you aren’t quite ready for retirement, I bet this is something you can share with a parent or a grandparent!

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