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You don’t need to watch Netflix to see top-rated plastic surgeons collaborating with their very own skin experts. It’s happening right here in Winston-Salem at Forsyth Plastic Surgery.


At Forsyth Plastic Surgery, you’ll find patients coming in throughout the day to meet with one of the practice’s five board-certified plastic surgeons: Drs. Fagg, Schneider, Kingman, Lawson, and Branch. You’ll also find these plastic surgeons calling on two other individuals for input when considering the best course of care for a patient: the practice’s licensed medical aestheticians.

Dr. George Lawson says, “When a patient comes in for a consultation at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, the board-certified plastic surgeon will see the patient and then often one of our aestheticians, Gina Racca or Kinsley Nix, will see them at the same time,” he says. “They’re able to confirm the best treatment for the patient, and they’re able to give their recommendations. This collaboration of highly trained experts in the field of aesthetics and beauty is one of the biggest advantages of being cared for at Forsyth Plastic Surgery.”

Sound familiar? It may if you’re a fan of the popular Netflix show, “Skin Decisions.” The show features a board-certified plastic surgeon who works with a nurse who specializes in non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Andy Schneider says, “At Forsyth Plastic Surgery, we work closely with our aestheticians to provide the very best cosmetic procedures and skin care for our patients. It is a team effort, and we trust our aestheticians with their decision making. There are so many non-surgical procedures and treatments now that offer excellent results. We recommend some surgical and other non-surgical solutions to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will provide the best results in many cases. Our patients know we’re looking out for them and giving them the state-of-the-art care that they deserve.”

Dr. Leslie Branch gives a great example of how a treatment plan might include both surgical and non-surgical treatments. “A patient coming in for a surgical facelift might also benefit from a non-surgical laser resurfacing treatment and injectables to add volume to the cheek area and lips.”

Every patient scheduled for a cosmetic surgery at the practice also gets a free beauty consultation. Aesthetician Gina Racca says, “We encourage our patients to use top-grade skincare products and sunscreen after their cosmetic procedures to extend the beautiful results they see post-surgery,” she says. “This is true for non-surgical treatments like Botox as well. If you’re taking great care of your skin, everything we do will look better.”

Many non-surgical procedures done at Forsyth Plastic Surgery are performed at The VISTA, the practice’s state-of-the-art aesthetic center, which just recently celebrated its first anniversary. Dr. Gil Kingman says, “Technology has changed and improved so much over the last decade. The VISTA was created to be a calming, welcoming space with state-of-the-art technology for skin care and body contouring.”

Dr. John A. Fagg notes, “Plastic surgery is always changing. We’re glad to be able to offer our patients so many surgical and non-surgical options to give them the natural look they’re looking for.”

Learn more at or call the practice at 336-765-8620.



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