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When homeowners begin making plans for home renovation and remodeling, it can be a nerve-wracking experience.  There’s a broad spectrum of emotions that range from excitement for the finished project… Fear of delays and unexpected costs… And worries about security from having people in and out of the home.  So, hiring someone you can trust is the first important step.

ICON Custom Builders have been a trusted resource for home renovation and custom builds since opening their doors in 2005.  Owner and founder Chuck Hicks has created a business model specializing in service geared toward innovative solutions and strategic partnerships with the homeowners.  His team is comprised of an in-house architect, in-house carpenter, project managers, and designer – Project and Design Coordinator, Katherine Yeager.

“Chuck is an extraordinary visionary,” said Katherine.  “He genuinely cares about his clients and employees.  And with that care has come empowerment – he trusts us to do what is right in both the industry and with the clients we serve.  I’ve been with ICON for two years, and through his example and my hands-on experience, I’ve learned how relational this business truly is.  We do far more than renovations and builds – we become partners in a shared vision by families investing in their homes. It’s quite a humbling experience.

“At ICON Custom Builders,” Katherine continued, “We specialize in older home renovations, but certainly aren’t limited.  We can remodel the kitchen, baths, do additions – no matter how old the home.  But we are very proud of our catalog of work that’s been done on some of the iconic classic homes in our community.  We have worked on some magnificent homes throughout the Triad, including homes in West End and Buena Vista. These are homes that have longevity and history in the community.  They hold decades of memories, and we are proud to offer restoration that brings them up to current safety codes while maintaining the character and integrity of the home.  In some cases, we are working with homeowners who have lived in their houses for decades!  And in others, we’re working with new homeowners who are ready to make their own memories and put their own special signature on the property.”

At ICON Custom Builders, communication is key.  “We each bring our own set of expertise to the business,” Katherine shared. “While my role is to guide clients and facilitate decisions that work for their personal style and the direction of the décor, I’m also liaison for communication.  Our clients are always kept updated.  We are committed to making sure they are comfortable throughout the process, and as a result, our repeat business and referrals have been stellar.  Our clients learn quickly that we are a family of professionals who love our craft, and everyone on our team is noted for exceptional integrity.  Our clients know we will be fair as we work on their respective projects.  We recognize that our invitation in their home is something we cannot take for granted.

“Additionally, our project managers are on the job sites every day, making sure everything comes together in a timely fashion with detailed attention to quality throughout the process.  From start to finish, our business is built on trust:  trust between our team that we’re all working towards the same goal, and trust between our clients that we recognize their unique and personal needs.”

Call ICON Custom Builders at 336.306.9055 or visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Houzz. 



“The work always exceeds our expectations and desires. ICON always gives a fair estimate and is willing to let me ‘make changes’ as we go without raising the price tremendously. The crews of men and women are always very nice, respectful not only to me, but to my home. We have several other projects planned ahead, and I would not even consider anyone else but ICON.”

— D. Fenwick


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