A New Chapter in Lake Norman


The story behind LKN Magazine is one of serendipity, lifelong friendship, family, and a horse-sized dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly that landed on his nose.

“Retirement” at the Lake

The story starts with Keela Johnson who, like a lot of folks, looked forward to retiring at the lake. In 2020, she left the on-the-ground operation of a family of publications she’d founded in Winston-Salem in the capable hands of her daughter Brooke, and moved to the lake full time.

But anyone who spends five minutes with Keela knows she’s not a woman to sit still long.

While Brooke took Forsyth Woman magazine, Forsyth Family magazine, Forsyth Woman Engaged, and Forsyth Community magazines into the social media and podcasting era – Keela continued to help with their day-to-day operation from the lake. And while getting settled full-time at Lake Norman, she became better acquainted with the region.

“Lake Norman is an incredible community built up by so many businesses invested in the region,” Keela said. “I’m blessed that I’ve been able to build a career by producing magazines focused on positive content for over 16 years — and there is so much to celebrate and recognize here at the lake.”

After much discussion, Keela and Brooke took the step to expand their family of magazines and launch LKN Magazine.

A Lifelong Friend Moves Home

About this time, also drawn to the pace of lake life, Keela’s lifelong friend Barbara Minor moved from Atlanta back near her hometown, settling in Denver. Keela and Barbara had gone to school together and spent the summers hanging out at Barbara’s aunt and uncle’s Mooresville A-Frame with friends, swimming in the lake, camping out, and learning to waterski. The two celebrated her return to the lake, picking up just where they left off, and Barbara was thrilled to join the team launching the magazine.

New Neighbors from the North

Meanwhile, next door to Keela, a family with New York plates pulled into the driveway to be greeted by the aforementioned horse-sized dog Carter, who happened to belong to Brooke. The family that got out of the car, Kasey Jamison and her writer husband Rocky Thompson (yours truly), along with two kids, met everyone at once. Kasey, eager to settle into Lake Norman life, made her the perfect serendipitous piece of the LKN Magazine puzzle.

Collaboration is Key

“I’m especially excited about the collaboration aspect,” Brooke said. “Our cover shoot is a perfect example of our vision. We’ve always been about positive encouragement. During our photo shoot, we had two incredible photographers working side-by-side, sharing equipment, and laughing. What could have felt like a competition turned into a collaboration – one that elevated the entire experience and turned it into a better-together kind of moment.”

“I agree,” said Keela. “Every page of our magazines, including LKN Magazine, is rooted in the common love we share for the community. We know from our years with Forsyth Magazines the power of shop small. We’ve seen the beauty that comes from celebrating the small business community, especially when competitors recognize one another’s successes and celebrate each other’s wins.”

A Tenacious Team of Family and Friends

The four of them, Keela, Brooke, Barbara, and Kasey, teamed up to bring LKN Magazine to the Forsyth Family of publications. Meet the four, and you’ll discover their excitement for the possibilities of the magazine are limitless.

LKN Magazine can be found in Harris Teeter & Food Lion stores from Statesville to north Charlotte as well as local restaurants, boutiques, gyms, salons and spas or online at Lkn-magazine.com. Call 888.892.3204 or email advertising@lkn-magazine.com to learn about advertising opportunities. Be sure to like LKN Magazine on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @lknmagazine.


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