South + Main Boutique: Smart, Strong, Sassy Style

PHOTOS BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE Since the March 2021 opening of her South + Main Boutique storefront in Advance, Thim Phommavanh has been blessed beyond measure, given the chance to share her love for local style with a thankful entourage of loyal customers. CUSTOMERS & COMMUNITY Developing a positive presence in the local small business […]

The Publisher’s Perspective: September 2022

PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE This issue marks SEVENTEEN years of Forsyth Woman! WOW! Let’s take a walk down memory lane… September 2005 – The very first issue of Forsyth Woman was published November 2007 – The debut issue of our sister magazine, Forsyth Family November 2011 – We unveiled our wedding magazine, FW Engaged […]

A New Chapter in Lake Norman

PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE The story behind LKN Magazine is one of serendipity, lifelong friendship, family, and a horse-sized dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly that landed on his nose. “Retirement” at the Lake The story starts with Keela Johnson who, like a lot of folks, looked forward to retiring at the lake. In […]

Women on the Move: September

Kristina Ebbink was born in Ontario, Canada and grew up primarily in Southern California. A graduate of the University of California at San Diego, she worked in the travel industry until her husband’s career brought them to Winston-Salem in 1995. Living on the opposite coast from friends and family, Kristina discovered volunteer opportunities at The […]

Travel Planning Tips for Trips Abroad

Although I’m no travel planning guru, I have learned a thing or two about making plans run smoothly when it comes to leaving the country. Here are lessons I’ve learned along the way that will save you time and energy during international travel. Tip #1: Get Familiar with Google Maps The primary tool I use […]

Hustle & Heart: 3 Mindset Shifts to Celebrate in Your Business

Landing new clients or selling out of your latest product release are exciting, but doing business in ways that honor the way you actually want to be doing business is on a whole other level! Unfortunately, it can become too easy to say “yes” to the things you don’t want to be doing or keep […]

High Impact Feedback

Feedback is information about past behavior delivered in the present which may impact future behavior. Ken Blanchard says that “Feedback is the breakfast (and lunch, dinner and midnight snack) of champions.” Why is feedback so important? In a nutshell, without it, you don’t know what you are doing well and how you can improve. Positive […]

Creatively Celebrate the Magic and Mystique of Fall

Fall is a season of harvest and transformation as trees display their vivid array of autumn colors. Make the most of fall’s magical mystique as you make more memories. Here are some ideas and inspiration to creatively celebrate the magic of fall: Take your journal, sketch pad, or easel outdoors to set up at a […]

A Day in the Life of a 1920s Woman

Sometimes life today can become so chaotic and stressful we romanticize the past and long for something simpler.  Was it a simpler time though? If you could choose to live at any time in the past, when would it be? What if you lived 100 years ago? Let’s look back 100 years at what life […]

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