Erika Taylor: Taylor Your Closet Styling Services

PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE Sometimes you find your passion when you are just going about your everyday life. Such was the case with Erika Taylor, stylist and blogger, when, several years ago, during her first year of teaching middle school, she was often asked about her daily outfits. So she decided to start an […]

Hustling for the Hustle

According to a new study by LendingClub (, upwards of 58% of Americans are now living paycheck-to-paycheck.   That accounts for more than 150 million adults.  And this is not limited to low-income individuals, as the study also found that 30% of those earning more than $250,000 or more per year are also living week-to-week. It […]

On the Road Again: How to Spend Seven Days in Mississippi

Gators, gambling, and the Gulf Coast are just a few attractions that make Mississippi more than fried food and swamp land. Here’s how to spend seven days in the Magnolia State. Day One: Fly into Gulfport Book a roundtrip flight to Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport (GPT) and head north to Jackson, Mississippi, as soon as the […]

How Journaling Can Boost Mental Health

While journaling may sound like an activity only professional writers should take part in, everyone can reap the benefits of this activity. You should not be intimidated by this process, considering that you likely have already had to complete some type of journaling when you were younger. Perhaps it was writing down thoughts in a […]

Career Connections

BY KATIE MARSH It’s no secret that the job market has changed significantly in recent years.  Employers have struggled with a shortage of manpower to meet the demands, but in the middle of this, we’ve seen unprecedented measures to recruit.  In an effort to address the employment challenges — the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce, in […]

Dear June: Durability of Textiles and Fabrics

This is a constant question we receive from our clients. We can’t begin to tell you how many clients have asked us for durable fabrics to hold up to their families. Now we all know there is no such material, but we have something close. Sunbrella and Indoor-Outdoor fabrics have become a staple word in […]

Ivy & Dust: The Triad’s Green Thumb for Photography and Videography

In the age of social media, nothing is more important than putting your best foot forward and leaving an impressive digital footprint. With selfies becoming a trend of the past, individuals and small businesses are now leaning into professional photography to tell their story. Spearheaded by Winston-Salem’s own Hannah Morris, Ivy & Dust Photography & […]

Thrifty Finds in Forsyth: A Roundup of Popular Second Hand Shops

“Thrifting is more than shopping, it’s an adventure!” – unknown As you drive through the community every week you may be passing some of the coolest second hand shops you didn’t even know existed! What’s special about thrift stores is you never know what you’ll find, especially if you visit at different times since the […]

Custom Drapes: Hip or Hype?

Curtains were born out of necessity, providing separation from the outside world and protection from the elements.  As architecture styles shifted and building materials advanced, curtains were no longer needed for protection but stayed a staple in the home. Curtains have evolved from cow hides to linen and eventually cotton, silk and lace. They are […]

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