Dear June: Durability of Textiles and Fabrics

This is a constant question we receive from our clients. We can’t begin to tell you how many clients
have asked us for durable fabrics to hold up to their families. Now we all know there is no such
material, but we have something close. Sunbrella and Indoor-Outdoor fabrics have become a staple
word in clients’ homes for interior furnishings, suitable for parents and pet lovers. You see many
advertisements for these fabrics from retail stores and fabric stores.

Recently, we delivered a sofa to a client who happens to be a veterinarian. One of her many large dogs
proceeded to jump on the sofa with muddy paws immediately after we had delivered it to the home.
Fortunately, the client had requested one of those fabrics. The red mud came clean with just a damp towel.

Kids eating popsicles, candy, and pizza on sofas is normally a no-no. We still don’t recommend it, but if
it does happen, when you have one of these fabrics, you can feel a little bit better that you will be able to clean it.

We encourage clients if they have questions to test the sample fabrics. We took one fabric to sample
test with red wine and green juice. The fabric is called Crypton. The test products wiped off and rolled
away completely. If it is liquid spilled on Crypton, it beads up and rolls off. Wiping the spills
immediately is always a good thing.

We also offer a spray ultra-guard for other fabrics on sofas if a client prefers other fabrics such as velvets
or chenilles.

If you want to test one of our Sunbrella fabrics, we can order a sample for you to play with. We will be
glad to order or make throws out of washable fabrics. There are endless possibilities. These are
commercial grade fabrics often used in doctors’ offices and motels. These fabrics offer cleanability – not
quite Superman yet – but we are getting there.

God bless,


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