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Sometimes you find your passion when you are just going about your everyday life. Such was the case with Erika Taylor, stylist and blogger, when, several years ago, during her first year of teaching middle school, she was often asked about her daily outfits. So she decided to start an online blog,, where she shared details about her personal fashion and affordable looks for teachers. After a few years, Erika decided to bring her blog to life with a personal styling business, Taylor Your Closet, with the philosophy to help women from all walks of life feel more confident every time they get dressed. As Erika said, “Confidence is your best accessory!”

Finding Your Own Style

Have you ever looked in your closet, stared at hangers and racks, bulging with clothes, and said, ‘I have nothing to wear!’? If you have, you may not be able to see the forest for the trees. A closet that is packed can be overwhelming and sorting through to find your unique style and look can happen with an objective eye.

“I can go through your closet and figure out what makes you feel the most confident, what you can get rid of, and what you could purchase at a later date, as well as put together looks with what you already have in your closet. Many times we can’t see the outfits we have and an objective eye can help pull outfits together, which can save you time when you’re getting ready each day. I can also assist you in planning outfits for an upcoming trip, photo shoot, event, or whatever you may have coming up,” Erika said.

What to Keep and What to Send Back

Shopping online has become the norm for many of us, but sometimes clothes and accessories, once they arrive, don’t look like we expected or we aren’t sure they look right for us. “ I offer 1:1 On-Demand Style Support for those times when you’re not sure about a recent online purchase, whether it looks good on you, or how to accessorize it and immediate feedback is needed. Maybe you’re in a dressing room trying to decide between two dresses, you can contact me and I can give you a quick response so you can move on with your shopping,” commented Erika. But maybe shopping isn’t your thing – Erika can help you with that too!

‘I Need Clothes, But I HATE to Shop!’

If shopping just isn’t your idea of a good afternoon, Erika can do your shopping for you. “I can meet clients in person to shop and/or can meet them virtually to see what they’re shopping for, then I send a detailed email with links for clients to shop. This saves clients time and allows them to do more of what they need or want to do,” Erika stated.

Talking Fashion Online

Beyond helping clients with their fashion in person or virtually, Erika has a blog, and Instagram (@tayloringstyle), where she shares outfit ideas, places to shop and some of her favorite things. “My blog and Instagram are all about ideas to help women find confidence in their own style and sharing the best places to shop. Many times shopping is about legwork and knowing where to go for what you want, so I share many shopping suggestions on my blog and Instagram. You can also sign up for my styling services via my blog and shop my closet with the latest styles I am personally enjoying,” said Erika.

What’s In Store for Fall 2022?

With the change of seasons, comes new styles and colors and this fall, Erika said there are a few must-haves or looks you can try. “The color for fall 2022 is green, in various shades and micro blazers, big jackets, bright bags, and chunky loafers are going to be big. To make a change to your look or update it, I always say to start small and keep it simple. A neutral top and a pair of jeans is a great starting point. Shop your own closet for pieces like these and begin to put them together. Good closet staples are going to be your best friends and can make multiple outfits. I recently worked with a client and we used mostly basics and put together over 25 looks from her closet. I truly believe that everyone deserves to feel and look their best every day. I say there’s no limit when it comes to how many days a week you can love what you wear. I can help you do just that!” Erika commented.

To contact Erika, email her at, or complete the form online on her blog at You can follow Erika and Taylor Your Closet on website, Instagram and Twitter: @tayloringstyle, Facebook:, and Pinterest:

Taylor Your Closet offers in-person and/or virtual styling support, depending on location.


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