Ivy & Dust: The Triad’s Green Thumb for Photography and Videography

In the age of social media, nothing is more important than putting your best foot forward and leaving an impressive digital footprint. With selfies becoming a trend of the past, individuals and small businesses are now leaning into professional photography to tell their story. Spearheaded by Winston-Salem’s own Hannah Morris, Ivy & Dust Photography & Videography is the perfect Jack-of-all-trades business to capture all of your important personal and professional moments on camera.

If you already know Hannah, you know she’s always up to something creative. From working on her home remodel with her husband Ryan, creating matching embroidery outfits for her two children Maverick and Stella, or whipping up something unique in Adobe Photoshop for a client, it’s hard to catch her resting on her laurels. Her love for creativity started at a young age and has only strengthened over time. She is forever grateful for her extraordinarily talented builder and engineer husband, who helps bring all of her creative dreams to life in their renovated 1980s brick ranch home.

One of Hannah’s favorite pastimes is creating something beautiful from something that’s on the verge of being given up on. The duo’s most recent project has been designing and building Ivy the Greenhouse, a country-chic she-shed and greenhouse built mostly from old windows. “The windows were too beautiful to throw away,” explains Hannah. “My husband called to ask if I wanted them, and without hesitation, I replied, ‘Absolutely!’”

Hannah and Ryan spent weeks thinking through the foundation, structure, and paint colors of the greenhouse. Her vision has always been to keep it as functional and versatile as possible. She was adamant about wanting her photography clients to be able to stand anywhere in or around the space and it be a beautiful backdrop. She was willing to put in whatever work was necessary to make the space something her clients were sure to find one-of-a-kind.

With their own family entertainment in mind throughout the design and building of the greenhouse, Hannah and Ryan knew that the greenhouse also needed to function as a hangout space for them when it wasn’t being used for photography sessions. They started their first garden beside the greenhouse earlier this year and have found it to be nothing short of an enriching experience. According to Hannah, “It’s been fantastic to watch our kids grow and learn from what we’ve created. We’re really just getting started.”

Ivy the Greenhouse is a studio space for Ivy & Dust Photography & Videography that clients are certain not to find elsewhere. The stunning natural light shines perfectly for all types of family, maternity, newborn, and professional sessions. The space’s versatility has propelled Ivy into becoming the perfect addition to Hannah’s career and family.

Personal branding photoshoots have replaced standard headshots with dynamic photos that allow potential clients to see entrepreneurs in action. A personal branding shoot with Ivy & Dust consists of a preliminary branding strategy meeting to give Hannah a better idea of a brand or entrepreneur’s personal style and mission. Hannah assists with styling and props to take pressure off of her clients, allowing them to focus on showing up rested and relaxed for the photoshoot.

Interested in recruiting Hannah for your next personal or branding photo session? Visit Ivy & Dust Photography & Videography online at www.ivyandduststudio.com to read more about what Hannah has to offer her clients, and to follow along with the journey of Ivy the Greenhouse. Find Ivy & Dust on Facebook and follow @ivyanddust on Instagram to see more of Hannah’s creativity come to life.


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