Voices Changing Communities Robin Paul:  Voices Doing God’s Work

In a noisy, politically divided climate filled with disagreements between once-friendly neighbors, our community is blessed by the humble, caring voice of Robin Paul.  Robin’s voice is free from conflict. “My parents raised me to be a giver, just like my husbands’ parents raised him.” Married to Charles Paul and mother to CJ and Chris Paul, Robin leads a life of service.  Born and raised in Winston-Salem, Robin graduated from Parkland High School.  She met her future husband at church, where they both began a legacy of giving and helping anyone who needed assistance, from church members to neighbors. For Robin and Charles, it is all about God and loving people. Manifestations of this love grew from helping their neighbor to a much broader scale through the Chris Paul Family Foundation.  This foundation aims to “alleviate inequity in the fields of education, technology, sports, and community life.”  Robin leads the foundation in hopes of making a difference in the community, especially for children, and credits the amazing teams, community volunteers, and family members who put foundation plans into motion.  She hesitates to accept the title of “community leader” and prefers to describe herself as “led to serve, not led to lead.”  Her goals of helping people are only limited by the budget, not by a lack of love or concern.  “Once you reach that budget number, that’s it. You can’t help the entire world.”  She would help the entire world if she could!

Robin and the Chris Paul Family Foundation have helped our part of the world in significant and impactful ways. While Charles Paul focuses on helping young men become successful, Robin’s heart is full of ideas and love that lift up children. Their foundation provides laptops for children who lack the resources to access online learning, though one or two laptops barely put a dent in the need of families with several children trying to access remote learning at the same time.  Foundation volunteers are busy organizing Thanksgiving food boxes, which feed families for 8-9 meals, not just one meal on Thanksgiving Day. Love fills the food boxes, along with turkeys, dressing, mac and cheese, beef stew, eggs, cereal, bologna – food enough to feed a family for several days.  The foundation partners with community agencies to identify underserved children who will receive $100 gift cards for a Target Christmas shopping trip, with one stipulation recently added by Robin’s son, Chris.  Each child must buy at least one present for a parent or sibling, using their gift card and practicing this act of love.  The entire Paul family teaches to love others.  Robin and her husband recently witnessed this love in action as Chris visited Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) to encourage students to vote.  Chris led a crowd of 2,500 students and participants, wearing masks, who marched to the voting polls located on the WSSU campus.  At first, Robin and Charles stayed in the back of the group, but Chris insisted on them being up front with him, enjoying the student response and eagerness to exercise their right to vote. Chris recently added foundation initiatives that support HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), like WSSU, making his mother proud!

One of the founding members of “Your Mom Cares,” Robin urges our community to care about the mental health of our children.  Many children in our community are hungry, lack access to remote education, and miss seeing their friends at school.  “The only hug some children get all day is from their teacher.”  Robin talks to her grandchildren, who live in California, almost daily.  She asks how they are doing and makes sure that they know she cares for them. Children need to know that they are loved and cared about, now more than ever. Robin’s message to reunite, care about each other, and treat others as you would want them to treat you, sounds like God’s work. The Chris Paul Foundation amplifies her message in our community. We should listen.


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