Responding To Grief

BY LISA DOSS AND DENISE HEIDEL   Grief is a profoundly personal emotion, and when people are in seasons of grief, specific responses may trigger additional pain or even anger. With that said, it’s hard to know how to respond to someone who is grieving. A first step, though, is acknowledging that all grief doesn’t […]

Summit Eye Care: Checking Your Eye Health

As September surrounds us, many changes have occurred.  The beach trips are over until next summer, and the children have had their updated eye examinations as they have returned to school. Now may be the time to concentrate on the parents and grandparents.  Have you had your eye health checkup? Have you postponed that cataract surgery? Does that black […]

Lead Like A Women

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN In 2017, Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer created a third cofounder for their online e-commerce platform: Keith Mann not only got more email responses from potential investors and partners, he got more respect. Never mind he didn’t show up, ever – and ONLY communicated via email. Gazin and Dwyer faced everything […]

The Budget Blinds Warranty Difference

BY MACK MOORE, Franchise Owner, Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem and Mt. Airy People often ask what sets Budget Blinds apart from other companies. We have solutions for any budget, a wide range of suppliers to find the product you need, and our warranty package.  At Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem and Mt. Airy, we […]

6 Ways to Get Uncomfortable

This world will always challenge us. No matter how mature, intelligent, accomplished, or fearless we may be, life always has a hurdle for us. But these hurdles only flex our leg muscles so we can learn how to jump higher and reach new heights in life. Who enjoys being uncomfortable? I don’t see many hands […]

Cuppa Coffee Craze

How do most Americans begin their morning? With a cuppa Joe in hand, of course! Many crave and can’t live without this morning staple. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world with 400 billion+ cups sipped and savored each year. It’s estimated that half of all Americans over age 18 drink coffee daily, […]

Body Language What Are We Really Saying?

It is said that our words reveal what we are thinking, but our body language reveals what we are feeling. In other words, body language is the unspoken aspect of our communication in which our true feelings are communicated. Research has shown that only 7% of our communication is verbal and the remaining 93% is […]

The View From This Side: September 2019

Hello, September! How’d you get here so fast?? What a month! The transition from August to September is always an interesting one in the magazine world. We go from celebrating all that is summer to a deep dive into the fall, getting ready for the holidays. As you read this magazine, our editorial team is somewhere between Halloween and […]

Garden Foods Explored on the Table

BY LAUREN SEPHTON With the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables being harvested, September is an impeccable time to explore these foods from the garden on the table. From drinks to appetizers to dessert, learn how you can incorporate these seasonal ingredients into every handcrafted dish you make. Grab your kiddos for an enjoyable Saturday […]

Girls’ Night In!

All of us ladies enjoy a good girls’ night out no matter what our age is. But sometimes when we plan our girls’ night, Mother Nature halts us with her big hand right when we walk out the door because the humid rainy weather thwarts our rooftop dinner—andour freshly primped hair. But when the weather […]

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