The Coffee Shop Effect

Is the “Coffee Shop” Effect Really a Thing? Here at Nu, we have a policy that every employee must take a minimum of two days each month to work “from home.” Now, this doesn’t mean we literally require our folks to pack up their laptops and go home twice a month. As the old saying […]

Growing Up With Working Parents: What it taught me!

During our youth, many of us tend to complain about growing up with hard-working parents. As a small child and even sometimes a teenager, we want our working parents to be around more often. But as youngsters, we may not fully comprehend exactly why our parents have to work as much as they do. This […]

Keeping It Real: The Misery Of Uncertainty

Let’s talk sheep. These wide, waddling woolly-boogers notoriously cling to familiarity. Left to themselves, they will graze in the same spot so long that their bodily wastes contaminate the ground. Too much information, I know, but get this: they will remain in the same place to their own detriment! Sheep simply refuse to leave their […]

Rosey’s Review: Wine Merchants

205 S. Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 336.765.8175 | WINE SHOP HOURS: Monday CLOSED • Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM • Sunday 10:00 AM to 3 PM VIN205 HOURS: Monday CLOSED • Tuesday – Saturday 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM • Friday 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM • Saturday and Sunday Brunch 10:00 AM to […]

Pimento Cheese Dip

Is there anything more Southern than Pimento Cheese? Whether it is smeared on a cracker or part of a sandwich I love this classic recipe. Toss together right before the big game on TV or pack with you for a tailgate. I’ll be honest in saying as a kid, the thought of pimento cheese made […]

How to Shop at the Flea Market Like a Pro to Get the Best Deals

As the summer heat begins to die down, flea market season starts revving up again! What draws customers to the more than 5,000 flea markets throughout the United States every year spans everything from looking for a fun day of nontraditional “window” shopping to wanting to find the most unique items to getting the best […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

As people who inhabit this earth, part of our innate duty is to help protect this planet so that all future generations will be able to enjoy it as well. This doesn’t mean each of us necessarily needs to morph into super eco-warriors, however. There are many changes that can be made that will have […]

Yes, And-ing First Date Conversations

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN Dating in 2019 feels like a mess. Aside from the overwhelming experience of online dating and meeting people, possibly one of the most nerve-wracking experiences is the inevitable first date. No matter where you go, how long the date is, what time of day or what you wear, there is one […]

Swedish Death Cleaning

The title alone sparks a curiosity to know more. The author, Margareta Magnusson, was in a position many daughters and spouses eventually experience: standing in the house with the overwhelming task of cleaning after parents or a spouse passes.  In a state of grief and exhaustion, you must figure out what to do with their possessions.  […]

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