Girls’ Night In!

All of us ladies enjoy a good girls’ night out no matter what our age is. But sometimes when we plan our girls’ night, Mother Nature halts us with her big hand right when we walk out the door because the humid rainy weather thwarts our rooftop dinner—andour freshly primped hair. But when the weather says, “Stay inside!” or even if we prefer to just stay indoors (hello, air conditioning), there is always a fundamental formula for a successful Girls’ Night In!


Whatever your choice of restaurant food was for a night out, see if you can whip it up at home. Not only does this give you a chance to eat well on your girls’ night in, it also gives you and your ladies a chance to bond over cooking. Food is one thing that brings everyone together so don’t wait until the meal is done for everyone to arrive – cook together and make that one of your activities for the night.


Everyone loves a humorous story. Part of what makes a gathering memorable is funny, embarrassing personal stories of one’s experiences. Don’t just stop at anecdotes; go for the deeper and more abstract conversations if you please.


Take this time to catch up on your and your friends’ favorite series. Netflix has a plethora of films and documentaries that didn’t make the big screen but are still breathtakingly engrossing.


Yes, books! There is still a party even with reading involved. If you and your ladies favor reading over most other activities, your girls’ night in can involve a mini book club. Whether it happens at the beginning of your night before you turn it up later on, or whether you all simmer down and read as a way of relaxing after all the hype, this relaxing activity adds a unique touch to your girls’ night in.


You don’t always have to dance and sing to music to enjoy it. You can just have it playing in the background to get some ambiance flowing. Music strikes up a variety of thoughts and conversations. It can make us reminisce on our memories, remind us of particular experiences, make us think about the future, and reflect on certain topics and emotions. Music is always a conversation starter, regardless of where we are or what time of day it is.


What would a girls’ night in (or a girls’ night out) be without a spa element? Of course, many of us want to get a professional facial, massage, manicure and pedicure, right? Or sometimes we just want to do it ourselves because we know what products we can handle. Hair masks, face masks, home style manicures and pedicures are just as enjoyable to do at home. Take it up just a tad bit and look up some homemade DIY recipes to try on your own (keep any food allergies in mind). A spa evening may even feel more relaxing when doing it at home or at your friend’s home!


Good drinks always add flare to a good girls’ night in: mimosas, wine, and champagne. It is your choice to go alcoholic or nonalcoholic, bubbly or non-bubbly, but drink in moderation. If you’re stuck on drinks, look at the time of year or one of your friend’s favorite drinks. If it’s during the holidays, an apple cider beverage or a hot toddy would be ideal. If any of you have a blender, create your own recipes and have fun with it!


A successful girls’ night in requires ample time spent in the planning, preparation, enjoyment, and cleaning up afterwards. Every minute can be valuable for a good time. Make sure you take the time to prepare your house as well.

Don’t worry about making everything perfect and trying too hard to impress your friends because most of the time, imperfection makes a night memorable in a good way. Enjoy your girls’ night in!


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